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Help!!! Points in Asfa boil in the bag long grain rice

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I am having a nightmare! On the WW website on my points tracker it says that the asda boil in the bag long grain rice 125g is 5 points.

Yet when I work it out on the calculator it says that it is 12 points

I rang WW and she didn't have a clue what she was on about, she said that online it says 5 so go with that.

When I mentioned the calculator she said to always go with that?!?

I asked her does this mean that the whole of the WW webiste is wrong and she said that they were having teething problems!!

If it is 12 and not 5 then I have eaten like an extra 35 points this week as this week i have had rice for tea all week! lol


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Is the 125g the cooked rice weight, or the dry rice weight?

I don't know specifically for boil in the bag rice, but regular rice that you boil in a pan and drain is roughly 1pp for 10g if you weigh it before cooking, is that any help? I usually get a decent portion for 50g, so 5pp... I'd be very shocked if it was 12 pp for one serving!


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Hi hun not sure if it helps, but the ww shopping guide says 125g ASDA long grain rice is 5pp.

Double check that the nutritional values on the pack aren't for a different weight maybe :confused: ??


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Someone mentioned this the other day and I hate to say it but I think the eSource may be wrong...

If you do a search for Asda Basmati Boil in the Bag Rice it comes out at 12pp for a 125g bag but the same long grain is 5pp? I would go with what the calculator says hon because the eSource definitely seems to be wrong on one of them...
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I have the exact same rice I do believe and I calculate the nutrition info on the pack as 12 too. In the little book you get when you start weight watchers it says that white, arborio, basmati or long grain rice dried (uncooked) 60grams is 6 points.

Therefore if 125g is the weight of the rice before being cooked then it is infact 12 points.
S: 14st11lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.66%)
Thankyou for all your replies. I rang weight watchers customer care line, and they didn't have a clue either. They basically said that you cannot trust the online version and to always double check on your calculator.

I have also found that mugshots say they are 1 point but are infact 9
and asda mash snackpots says they are 2 online but they are infact 7.

I have eaten an extra 63 points this week and as a result put on a pound at yesterdays weigh in!

I could have had 2 takeaway for that! lol

A lot of the stuff that you have to add water to, has nutritional values for the dry powder as sold, and then for the product made up as instructed. I think that might be where the online system falls down, as for the powder itself (which you wouldn't eat as it is) has a value say 2pp but made up it changes to 7pp.

I think that WW should be more on the ball for correcting errors though, there are quite a lot in the tracker, its unfair really.
Bit how can adding water (free.....or at least I bloody hope it is haha!!) to some dried bits and bobs double or even triple the points? The ingredients, NV's etc are all identical still!!

Pretty confusing eh?! Think WW need to sort it out as we all pay quite a considerable chunk of our money for their services and it's not great that it misleading!! Although I spose every week we put on weight through Mis-information, they get another fiver!! I can almost understand a computer making the odd mistake, however to ring a dedicated care line, and speak to someone whose job it is to know, and still be none the wiser ain't on!!

Sorry, rant over re: WW customer service!!


Just worked out that one of the reasons for the discrepancy is that 100g of made up mugshot etc will have less points that 100g of raw product, so I bet the lower amount is for made up, but not using the whole packet IYKWIM?! so the packet may contain 50g dried bits, but when made up may weight 500g. It's really misleading as they put Pp for 50g made up, and mislead us into thinking it's the whole pack. Does this make sense? Not sure why they bother, specially with stuff like mugshots when you'd only ever eat the whole lot !

Ok, I'm babbling now!!


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