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HELP!! Really need advice.....


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Excuse the essay and the typing errors....

I'm so confused!! Some of you may have read my nausea post + things have slipped out of hand when i thought i was in control but this whole carb- protein-ketosis thing has got me confused!!! Let me explain....

Started Exante total solution on Monday.....three days went past and i'll felt fine, kept to it 100% sneaky/naughty weigh ins told me the scales were dipping loads..... random pee tests told me i was in ketosis one minute then not the next....My first taste of the banana shake and choc orange bar werent that pleasant - but by day two i found them tolerable and day three discovered flavours i actually really liked ...

Then on day four i began to feel REALLY sick, so ill i couldnt even finish my nutrition bar, the smell of it made me want to vomit. The next day (yesterday) i couldn't eat anything all day long until the evening, when i was so scared about how i'd feel the day after i read up about some pure protein foods (atkins) that i could eat without knocking myself out of ketosis - so i had some chicken, cheese and bacon. It was lovely but even after eating it i still felt sick (i'm very talented at eating past the point of feeling sick hence the obesity).

So today i had to ring in sick for a shadow shift for a job i'm starting next week, i woke up this morning - another 3lbs lighter from yesterday despite the food , yet still feeling sick as a parrot, last night i had abnormal movements (if you know what i mean) and i figured it was either a tummy bug or that was the food whooshing through me cos the diet had messed with my system. After a long lie in i've felt a little better for eating, so continued to eat pure protein, contemplating whether i could go back to exante or not as the thought of even the tastier packs makes me feel so sick :( so i contemplated atkins....and have been eating "the atkins way" today just while i consider what to do,, only i missunderstood what the atkins way was...... and i've been eating zero carbs thinking stupidly that's what it's all about, then i read that even on induction you need to have 10 to 14g of carbs........then i read the exante packets to see if they had any in only to discover they have lods more than that in carbs :eek::eek::eek::eek: so then i got stressed and confused :confused: and ended up drinking vodka and coke zero cos the whole business has got me down :( i've lots 8lbs in 5 days and done so well but i cannot handle feeling like crap for my first week at a scary new job next week :(

Can anyone be bothered to read all that and advise me??? :cry::cry::cry::cry:
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On Atkins induction you need to eat 20g carbs a day, made up mostly of meat and green veg. Aswell as cheeses eggs etc.
The big plus with Atkins is you dont have to count calories, you can eat as much as you want as long as you don't eat over 20g carbs. Lots of butter, fatty meats etc

The difference with exante is you are controlling the calories you eat.

Lots of people lose with exante, then maintain their weight on Atkins as you can gradually increase your carbs when maintaining. Atkins works, but it's about discipline. Slipping up with your carbs is easily done.
Pop over to the Atkins thread and ask a few questions. Jim is the resident expert and I'm sure he'd be happy to help x


Chasing the Rainbow
thank you i just posted this message over there as well, i still have 3 weeks of exante packs to consume to i'm not taking this decision lightly as money is SUPER tight right now.
is there a minimum carb amount you have to have?


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It is important that you try to stick as close to 20 as poss , jim will tell you how important your green veggies are and the majority of your carbs should come from these, aim for 3 mugs of chopped green veggies a day. Lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli all excellent.
On induction u must avoid onions, tomatoes, carrots etc as they are full of sneaky carbs.
I will return to Atkins to maintain and can't wait! There's nothing like sausages , eggs and bacon for brekkie whilst on a diet!


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yeah i just made an atkins pizza with an omlette as the base, can't believe cheddar has zero carbs lol......... i just don't want to waste all these exante packs i have though :(


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Make sure u check as cheeses eggs etc have carbs. Think an egg is 0.5 or something, but it all adds up. It is a fantastic way of eating and I look forward to going back on maintenance . X


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It might be just a bad day or bad moment. I took a week off work to start, and it helped. It takes time for the body to adjust but once it does it gets so much easier. It all does settle down if you give it time.
I can't tell you what to do but I can say the awful symptoms do subside. And of course it works. It may be a tad too soon to think about quitting. Its not this bad all the time, if it was no one would be able to do it and succeed. I am no expert on Atkins but again once ketosis is there the symptoms disappear.
Its not for everyone but its worth giving a good try.
Always try to drink more water, it seems to make everything better.
I wish you well.


Chasing the Rainbow
if the eggs and cheese have carbs that's probably for the better cos all the labels i've been reading have had next to 0g!! Which i was more worried about to be honest....i must admit.....when i saw about the carbs and then remembered about the dangers of drinking during ketosis i did scoff 4 or 5 of my sons left over chips so i don't even know if i'm still in ketosis anyway...........what a mess!!!


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If it's any consolation, and I don't know what people put on your other thread, I usually feel sick as a dog to start with on VLCD and to be honest I've been feeling a bit sick today - 6 weeks in (although am ill at the moment). Water can help, as can pure dogged determination. If you don't mind my saying so, I would suggest that you really need to decide whether Atkins or Exante is better for you but obviously Atkins is going to cost you a lot more whereas you won't have to spend any more money to do another 3 weeks of Exante. If you feel that ill though it might just not be the diet for you if it's going to make you miserable...xx
I find atkins to harsh a diet, look up Harcombe diet, very simaler but not as strict, my brother has lost 5 stone and finds it so easy. Good luck to you x

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