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Help! Really struggling to get back on the wagon

Been doing Lipotrim for 13 weeks now and other than one little slip up it has gone really well........lost 4 stone in total!

But........about 5 days ago I fell off the wagon big style......no specific reason or anything.....just started having a couple of coffees now and again with milk in and other things started creeping in to my diet.......like the odd piece of chocolate or a few crisps!!

For the past 3 days I have started off each morning with such good intent to get back on track but by 2pm I have eaten a biscuit or had a glass of milk and then am snacking the rest of the day.
I feel so hungry as I know I am out of ketosis and I'm so upset with myself and feel awful and bloated and really struggling to get back into the swing of it as I have about another 3 stone to lose!!

Has anyone else fell off this badly??

Just want to get through the first 3 days again as I know that's the hardest bit....any tips anyone??
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Size 14 here i come!
I am in exactly the same place as you, the school hols don't help. I am going to be weighed today and am giving myself 1 more week to sort it out if i am still picking then i am going to try and have a week off to see if i get my incentive back if not then it's healthy eating.

I am doing CD but i have done LT a couple of times so i do know how you are feeling right now.

I hope you get back on the LT train soon as first 3 days won't be bad as you haven't been picking for that long, good luck.
Ah me - join the club!! I'm in exactly the same place and I think the only answer is first to decide whether you really want to go on with
this agony (and it is agony) and if not change to something else less demanding or if, like me, you really don't want to stop yet then its a question of will power - and as much support as we can all give one another. I wonder if it would help to post every evening saying where we are at and how we feel, until we manage to complete three days pick free! I'm cooking lunch for six today, roast beef etc and know I shall want to pick meat. I shall try to resist.
I've been going since 6th January and have lost 4stone 4lbs - crazy to feel like this now after achieving so much. Good luck!
Hi, I'm the same - it was baby's birthday this weekend and I ended up pigging out on the sandwiches that were left over. I take the phrase; "out of sight, out of mind" too well, it seems that if it's sitting there it is calling for me. I feel so ill tonight and eating has not been worth it at all, so first thing in the morning I am back onto my 3 shakes a day and staying away from any type of food. I've already drank 3ltrs of water tonight to flush out my system and hopefully getting back into ketosis won't be so bad.

Good luck Azureskye.
Hi All I'm in the same boat had a planned refeed easter weekend, no probs lost 3lb the next week had the odd pick of meat and sk milk in a few teas lost 4lb, this week as its the last week of my hols( WI weds) had a no carb meal one a day, but had some chips and a slice of bread, so I will be out of ketosis, back in work tomorrow and the girls are so proud of me I can't let myself down, the Good thing is, tho I have fallen of the LT train it is no where near as bad as any diet i have done in the past, I would have really gone mad. So here's to 100% as from tomorrow good luck and let me know how your all doing!!
Well friends Ive come back to report my failure - how about you? Are you still neither on nor off Lt? This causes such soul searching doesn't it? I'll tell what happened yesterday - to my shame. Kept strong all day, until my eldest left some tuna from his lunch - and I ate it - with mayo! Then I got angry, with myself, with Lipotrim, with every skinny woman on the planet!!! So I ate - bread and butter - biscuits - sweets - anything I saw and wanted. So that is the greedy child in me and I allowed her freedom to eat whatever - can't believe I did that! Paid for it of course - threw up later. When my OH came home later I confessed it and felt a bit better about it because he didn't judge me - just looked sad. Today I have lost all desire to eat, back on the shakes. Not in ketosis of course - price to pay. I feel like I've done it all now, I know how it feels and I really don't want to go there again.
I don't know if it makes sense to anyone else but me!! I certainly don't advocate anyone else dealing with their demons this way! I just hope its worked and I'll get through the last two stone less eventfully! (If it works it will be by chance, not because I planned it or anything
Hi Annes, I am back on the train 100% with no intention of ever slipping off it again! After the time I had on Sunday night with being sick and having back/chest pain I'm nearly afraid to ever go back to eating proper food again to be honest! One thing I will say is; that it has taught me a lesson - I was feeling fantastic beforehand and now it's like going through week 1 again, at least now I know that things DO get better.

How have you fared with getting back on?
Hi Pauline, so glad you're back on track - hopefully I am too. No problem today, no desire to pick - really want to get over this negative phase and get the rest of the pounds off. Had the results of a blood test today and really chuffed with the results which confirm
my blood sugar is normal; colestrol down from 10 to 4.3, blood count normal - been anaemic for a long time - generally I am fit and well thanks to Lipotrim (how can I even think of failing at it now??)
Let's just keep at it eh?!


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Hi - can i join you with 'getting back to 100% again' - i ate over the last few days and picked at stuff but ive been good today and only had my shakes - so hopefully that is day 1 over with as i want to get back to feeling in control again and continue losing weight.
I need to join you again put on 2lb TOTM and really need to get back to 100% or no knee op or normal size clothes for the summer and I certainly don't want my fat clothes out aaarrrrrhhhhhhhh!!!:(


wants to be slim
Hey Blodwen - looks like me and you are on the same week and lost about the same -- must be a week 8 thing lol
Yes but you seem to have lost 2lb unlike me gaining, well done, its good to see others on the same week and roughly the same losses, I so could kick myself I just miss eating so much but I love the weight loss I don't know whats up with me???
Hi everyone, I was just thinking of how awful it must be trying to get on the wagon...I would be too afraid that I wouldn't be able to get back on thats why I do this to keep myself motivated away from food: (u may think this is disgusting but it works for me) Whenever I want something (usually McDonalds) I start imagining it covered in dog poo and sick. It really really works, I don't know how or why then I imagine the rotten smell and if I have to I brush my teeth...I also need a lot of will power but the idea of being healthy and thin for the first time in my life spurs me on. I know this is a difficult approach and it might not work for everyone but I thought I'd share it!! Good luck to you all, just imagine how amazing you have done so far and how capable you are of continuing :)


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thats why i'm going to swap to the cambridge diet cos you can have porridge and the bars are supposed to be nicer - i miss food so much and want to lose weight as well - so i think by swapping i get both lol
Hi all, I'm glad others have joined us in the 'need to be 100%' club! This is my third day of 100% and I feel fine, even though my scales say I haven't lost anything since I ate on Monday. Weigh in yesterday and lost 1/2lb ! Well at least it was down and not up.
One thing I have learned from this whole experience, (two actually!) is that if you don't drink regularly through out the day you get hungry and secondly if you pick just the smallest thing - I really mean the very smallest - it will wake up your taste buds and you will become consumed with the desire to eat. So the only way is to resist!
I also think its important that we come on here often and admit how we feel and where we are up to - no one is going to judge us I'm sure but we really do need support. I am ok just now, but who knows what tommorow will bring. Stay strong!!


wants to be slim
Thanks Annes - day 2 (again) for me 100% - i am already hungry but trying to put off my shakes till at least 2pm so that i don't have such a big gap before my 3rd shake -- i'm on my 2nd ltr of water already - but the 2lb i had put on from eating on monday has gone now and i'm back to the weight i was on WI on monday..phew !!
I havent really posted in nearly two weeks. I was feeling a bit crap and eventually fell off the wagon, I had planned to finish by the 16th of April then I extended it so was just going to take the weekend off.

the last two weeks I seem to have lost all will power, but anyway. I was picking for a couple of days last week, had a few lunches then had a blowout of a weekend, (literally anything and everything i could have i did!).

started back on monday but then tuesday night had a sambo, picked yesterday too.

I only have another 3 full weeks before I start refeed so I am hoping I can get back on track. The week before last I just didnt get weighted and this week I lost 1 lbs and I am not even sure how!!!

I hope everyone gets back on track, we all seem to be around the same stage and have done so well. :)


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Nelly, My signature says it all..... the same thing has happened to me. I did a refeed for Easter as I was visiting my family and from then on it all went downhill. I attempted several times to start again, I'd have all the good intentions the night before to start TFR and then I'd have my first shake of the day and then by tea time I would be eating and this happened over and over. I got to my goal and felt fantastic and now the lovely weather is here I am almost 10lbs heavier and I feel awful and I want it to rain so I can cover up. I've said for a few days now that I want to start but I keep thinking that all the food I've bought will just go to waste.....what is wrong with me? I feel like I've put on stones, I know it's not a huge amount but I feel worse now than before I lost all the weight:confused:. Now I keep saying tomorrow.....tomorrow....:sigh:.
ah taylor its crap to feel that way, I know what you mean. You do so well and when you slip up you feel hugh and for some reason forget how well we have done.

I am thankfully back on track today, I found though that I had to think like it was my first day, one shake at a time. just think of what you will lose in the short term, even two weeks. Cant do that on a normal diet.

Diet starts now!! :D
Keep remembering this is NOT a normal diet, you're doing something really extraordinary and difficult - you're doing it for yourself because you need to, you choose - the result is dramatic and very satisfying but its n ot cheap in anyway at all, not financially, emotionally or physically - so don't beat yourself up when you slip, just get up and start again. Remember you have choice, you can eat any time you like ( but you will pay for it one way or another - for example I haven't lost since Monday, my own fault so I can't moan). I think we have to find a way out of this negative attitude! If we find it too hard then find a less demanding diet - and not feel bad about it. We have all done so well - let's keep going for as long as - y'know? Just do it!!!

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