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Help!! Six and a half stone to lose!! ARGHH

Hi, I'm new to all of this so not sure if I'm posting right or how to give you my life story so I'll just jump straight in;

Back in 2005 we were referred for fertility treatment as we were struggling to conceive our second child (had been trying for 4 year). After a series of tests it was established I PCOS, I was weighed in at a hefty 15st 12lbs with a BMI of 39.5 (I'm only 5" 3')the poor doctor nearly fell off his chair and said until I lost some weight (he was happy with just 10%) he couldnt give us any fertililt treatment for health risks. He prescribed me Metformin to assist my overies in insulin production and said they would help regain my menstrual cycle. He gave me 6 month to lose 1 and a half stone and I was amazed to of lost just over 2st by the time we returned at 6 months.
My weight loss was acheived by changing my eating habits alone (although the Metformin may of helped) as I did very little exercise.
Anyway I continued to lose weight and at the final count I'd lost just over 3 and a half stone :D and fell pregnant with NO treatment :D. During my pregnancy I had to stop taking Metformin but didn't think much about it as I was HAVING A BABY!!!

Fast forward now to October 2008 my daughter was 1 yesterday! I haven't had a cigarette for a year and seven month, (how time has flew!) and I've been taking Metformin again for nearly 6 months.
Today I looked in the mirror and seen the girl I was back in 2005, weighing 15st 12lbs exactly (again), looking like c**p, feeling more like c**p and wanting a cigarette more than ever.:cry:
It is very time consuming being a mother of a nearly walking nearly talking little bundle, I forget to eat 3 meals a day and very rarely take all my tablets a day! :confused:
I suppose I've came to this forum looking for help and advice how to get back into the swing of things, I'm strong of mind and when I set my heart on something I don't give up!!
My mind is set to begin the long journey, 6 and a half stone lighter here I come!! :eek:
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not so str8 or narrow!!
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thank you for sharing your story. 10 weeks ago i decided it was time to lose the extra 14 stone i was carrying round and I started the cambridge diet. I have also been doing a lot of work on the issues i have with food - why i overeat and how i came to be 14 stone overweight. to date i am 4.5 stone lighter and have a much clearer view of the reasons why i overeat and i'm working on getting control over food again so that i wont gain weight once i have lost it. good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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HI! It sounds like we're kind of in the same boat. I lost 8 stones before having my first baby in Sept 2006. A couple of years and another baby later and I'm even heavier than when I started! The last few days have been terrible.... eating none stop however, like you, I want to be happy and healthy again!
Here's wishing us both the best of luck eh!
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Hi, thanks for sharing!

I know what that means to take care of a little bundle :) have one already :)

I would suggest you to start changing your habits bit by bit.

Firstly, drink plenty of water. It helps so much, I can`t stress this enough. (do not drink too much in the evening though).

Then change all your junk foods and sweets to healthy meals: vegetables, eggs, lean meat, fish, chicken. Apples, raisins, nuts, banana, melon, etc.

Avoid too much sugar and salt.

This should be enough for the first few weeks. As you start losing weight, add a few more healthy habits and you will keep it off forever.

Good luck!

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