HELP...Slimming World-ers Unite!


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I am due to start slimming world tomorrow.:wave_cry:

I am big time over weight, and I am currently fighting my 5th chest infection in 6 months. I can't climb the stairs without getting puffed...and most sad of all - I have had to give up wearing high heels...because my feet audibly cry out in pain and my toe circulation goes on strike.

I am feeling optimistic about tomorrow...not because of some misguided sense of self importance...but because I must confess I have done the diet before...this is actually my third bash at it..first time round I was not ready...second time round I had a serious lack of funds, so you know how the old addage goes...THIRD TIME LUCKY!

I think that it is really helpful to have a site like this - if I had known about it the first ( couple of:eek:) times, I think that it would really have helped me.

I don't know about you but I am the FOF ( fat overweight friend) of my group - so speaking to a girl who is size 6 about the difficulty I am having in not eating her luch as well as my own is tangible - so I am going to adopt this place as my refuge...please will you join me?

Wishing you slimming success - please write hints and tips below...

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S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
P.S - Should I do this extra easy? I don't know a thing about it!?!


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Hi i will certainly join you. I am so happy to have found this site, its the best.
Well done on joining again, this must be my 6th time, but this time im 25 weeks pregnant and need to make changes.

Good luck x


S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well, firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy - how wonderful!:)

Thanks for joining me...when did you start?

You should feel very proud that you have made this move now - its incredible what courage humans show when they know that they have to do something...well done you!

I hope to have a baby bump one day - but it won't happen while i'm this heavy!!



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Hello and welcome. It's a great site and SW is a great plan.
You can try all of the plans, they seem to be pushing EE now thugh, but you can do a day of each if you want to.


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I joined jan 1st, but dont start at club till wednesday, so did first weigh in at home for first week and stayed the same which i am estatic about lol.
You will get there.
I follow ee, and love it, as i can have shep pie, like i had for dinner tonight, with lots of mash and lots of mince. Mmmmm.
Any questions just ask xx


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yes do extra easy, its the best (and cheapest!) way to do things. its sooo easy! Get all the info and get started my lovley!

Im so very sorry to hear that life is quite difficult for you at the mo, but it sounds like your here and ready to change.

*hugs* it doesnt matter when you do it or that this is 3rd time round, its just important that you make the descion to do it at some point and this is your time.

your welcome with open arms hon, this place is fab. Wouldn't have gotten to target without these lovley ladies & gents.



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Hello and welcome!!! Good luck, and I hope with the help of this site that this is your last time joining xxxx


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OO iv just realised were about half a stone difference in starting weight :)

i dont mean to sound patronizing but from your first post it sounds like you had lots and lots of weight to loose (i mean like 10 stone or so?), i know it seems like what you want to loose is so far away right now, but it goes so fast. Its all about relaxing and enjoying the plan. It took me 64 weeks to loose 64 lbs, which was a pound a week, on average. which you should aim for.. but i have no doubt you can do it sooner.. its not that far away hon. enjoy the plan, dont focus on the time it takes..




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Hello All!
I'm new here too, and like 4.11togo I'm starting slimming tomorrow :) I have an 8 month old daughter, & have decided it's about time to shift the baby bulge. Plus, i'm getting married on 30th Oct this year, & I hope to shift as much lard as possible before then!

I'm ready & raring to go...until I see all the pages & pages of information, now i'm just a bit scared! I'm used to weightwatchers, which is very basic & idiot proof...I don't know whether to do Red/Green days or the EE plan?

Any advice would be gratefully received! All your weight losses are inspiring me even more, so thank you already for your encouragement!

Kirsty xx


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Welcome to SW ladies!
I personally would suggest trying EE. Your consultant will explain it all to you.
It doesn't matter how many times you have joined. This is my 6th time, and I am delighted to have reached target. I did reach target my first time but we only had red and green then and I found it so restrictive so slipped back and gained most back.
With EE, I find it to be "normal" eating and am just as enthused as when I rejoined in May. My weight loss averaged a pound a week, and I was happy with that.
I am pondering on re-targeting to lose another half to a stone, but I'll see how I feel in a few weeks.
Good luck. You can do it!


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welcome 4.11togo. You'l love it here but I would love it if I was at your starting weight. Never mind, I'll get there soon I hope. Then onwards and downwards...
good luck
Hi, i'm starting the diet today, i'm joining tonight, but have done diet before so i am on track with what i am eating already today. I am also the fat one in my group of very slim friends, who all tell me i'm ok and i don't need to to loose weight.. who they trying to kid lol!! I'm a size 16-18. I also like you have trouble with my chest, i'm asthmatic and have just finished a course of steroids. I lost 3 1/2 stone last year and put 2 back on... tut tut not happy with myself. I am finding the weight i put on is affecting my knees, never had trouble before but they kill now, so need to get fit an thin, i would be happy to share this journey with you

Mrs V

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Hi all and welcome to SW. If any of you found WW easy..SW is far better to understand, so dont be fooled by all the paperwork and chat on here...we are used to the plan and will discuss things that will confuse you to begin with, but before long you will be swapping hints, tips and recipes like everyone else!

Listen to your Consultants, they know what they are talking about! Decide on the plan that you want to follow that would fit into your lifestyle and finances and go for it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, there is always someone on here that can help if your Consultant isnt about.

Good luck!



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hi 4.11togo and i think that we have roughly the same amount to loose. i think i have another 10lbs on you.


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Hello and welcome - SW is great, I recommend EE too its simple and effective! Best of luck

Roz V

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Hi ladies and welcome! You will find so much help and inspiration here - I could't be without MiniMins!

Good Luck to EVERYONE for 2010, whether you're at Target, a 'lapsed' Target member like me, well on your weight loss journey, or, like so many at this time of year, just starting out!


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thanks everyone :) i can't get to meetings which is a real shame, as i have so many questions! But I'll keep trawling through this forum looking for answers...i've found plenty already!


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Hello and welcome to all the 'newbies' here xxx