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Help so disheartened

Hello everyone im new here. I did SS on the CD back in feb for a month and dropped a stone. Ive restarted it last monday as my weddings in 5 months and id so like to lose 3 stone for it, id love to lose a lot more but trying to be realistic. On Monday i weighed myself then by Thursday i had completely stuck to it got weighed and then had lose 4 pounds. Great. Then everything went wrong, my partner suprised me by coming home early ( he works away) we went to pub i had a few gins which i know is totally irresponsible of me. On friday i felt shocking all day, had my shake at lunch but by the night i thought i was going to die i felt that poorly, i ended up being very weak and ate some pizza :( then saturday i felt because id cheated i might aswell give up, and i didnt eat untiil the night but had a bowl of chips and some bread then went to bed thinking rubbish. Have woken up this morning thinking that i will start afresh that i have no one else but myself to blame for being weak and that the clock is ticking to the wedding so get back on track.. i weighed myself.... i have put on the 4pounds i originally lost, plus another 4 pounds! So i am 4 pounds heavier than when i started last monday all because of 2 stupid low days! I feel like crying, how can my body but 8 ppounds on in 2 days?????Its so disheartening, i cant beleive its actually posisble. I know i ate the totally wrong foods. But 8 pounds? I darent eat anythign now i cant even stomach a drink of water i feel that sick about it.What happens when you reach goal weight and start eating again? Iknow you dont head straight for the pizza and you choose sensible foods, but surely you must still put weight back on?
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hi hun i dont know all your answers but dont get all disheartened .draw a line and start again there arnt many who havent had a blip on there journey.focus on why you want to loss weight .i do know that as soon as you start to eat carbs you retain water so most of your gain is water ,and when we get back to eating at end of ss you introduce carbs slowly so you dont notice it as much .get back on track hun you will be fine ,dont forget there is some programs that include eating a meal as well so dont just give up just try a different way xxxx
It's probably just your water stores accumulating. Now it sounds stupid but drink LOADS of water! like try and manage 4-6litres and STICK TO SS! you have such a good reason to lose weight, just think those wedding pics will be around forever!!

I have faith in you xxx
Life can be so difficult at times especially when your trying your hardest at losing those pounds.
Whats happened has happened but the good thing about it is that you can undo the damage. Being focused again and imagining how you see yourself in that wedding dress and the compliments from people you may not have seen in a while.
We do what we need to do for now on SS use this experience as a learning curve and prepare yourself. Having those gins and then it escalating into pizza then chips... and undoing your hard work and feeling miserable was it worth it? if no then next time go to the pub but remember this experience and make better choices. If on the other hand it was worth it then say it was a good time draw a line under it and move on. We have to live as well and sometimes beating yourself up when you have enjoyed a timeout is not my idea of fun.
You will get there, :)x
Thanks for all your kind advice, im going to stick with it and remember where ive gone wrong this week and next time temptation crosses my path I will remember back to this hiccup. Thanks again im going to remain strong.
Hiya Lou

OK firstly you can't of put 8 pounds of fat on as that means you would have had to have had over 25000 calories of food on top of what you needed which is around 80 chocolate bars and hence you haven't so don't panic, the scales show water retention and sugar, the reality is that you probably haven't put much if any fat on or indeed lost any.

You have a great first target which is your wedding day and reducing your weight to a new permanent weight of 3 stone less but also you must plan for the future and not just to reduce 3 stone and then put it back on again.

So phase 1 is the wedding, plan your weight reduction, drink the water, have the packs and you will be slim, when you say "I WOULD LIKE" to be you need to change that to "I WILL BE" and have a positive attitude towards this, just think of the fun on your wedding day and how good you WILL feel and let that be the wind in your sails.

Good luck and you will do this if you let yourself...

Go for it

Wow 80 bars of chocolate! Now that would have been fun trying! Right well got weighed this morning the 4 pounds has gone thank goodness. And i feel right back on track and feeling positive thanks to your comments. The major problem i have is my partner weighs 10 stone and is desperate to put weight on! He eats and eats and eats and can not put a pound on! Our fridge and cupbords are full to the brim of nice food and he eats all the time! Hes just sat down to fish and chips tonight whilst i sat on the other side of the living room having a fruits of the forest shake! mmmmmmmm! haha not thats its bothering me tonight but this is what gets to me. But im going to fight it, i have to orelse il regret my wedding photos for the rest of my life, also we would like to start a family year after next and i need to be a healthy weight for that so thats another good reason to maintain the weight loss.
Stick a picture on the goody cupboard of your dream wedding dress. Ever time you're tempted there's your reminder. Hope that helps.
Just another quick question because some threads on this site have left me slightly confused......i was told under no circumstances must i drink anything but black tea or coffee and water. And only use CD flavourings in water. And that i couldnt have anything but the meal packs...BUT... from reading on here i see people drink pespi max, coke zero, sprite zero, dr pepper zero, chew sugar free gum and eat sugar free polos???????? am i missing out or what? i thought chewing was supposed to increase the acids in your stomach that make you hungry anyway ? and sugar free drinks had citric acid which you have to avoid? please can someone enlighten me?
Hi there

I don't have any of these so not an expert but I know you are allowed a small amount of coke zero as it doesn't contain citric acid. You are right that for some people chewing can increase hunger which is why I have avoided it.


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