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Help! (sort of negative)


is loving the soup?!
Sorry to be negative...first day again. Haven't stopped feeling sick all morning...I haven't had my lunch shake because I just can't face it. I feel really hungry, but I would honestly rather go hungry than drink it after my throwing up experience this morning. I go hot and shudder thinking about it.
I don't know why I hate it so much - don't think I am whiny, I am not a picky eater. You could tell by looking at me ; ) - I will eat anything and everything, and I have : )
But it is just a sort of 'my body does not want this' reaction.
Anyway...I guess I just want reassuring. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to the products, and got to be able to stomach them without worrying about it too much?
Thanks, and again, I am sorry for the negativity.
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just persevere hun. alot don't like the shakes when they first start but grow to love them (hard to imagine now but its true).

I was lucky and liked most of the shakes to start with. have you tried the chicken soup? I personally think its rank but alot like them. Give them a go, it might go down easier!



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Could it be that you are feeling sick because you are hungry ? Having your shake is necessary to get all your vits etc and to keep you healthy.
I've been ok since I started, didn't have symptoms like yours but someone on here might have..
Here's to good news .. take care in the meantime
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Look at the shake as fat dissolving liquid - dont look at it as food - in the first week i got 7 chicken soups and my chemist does not allow swaps - i hated the chicken soup soooo much - i made it with cold water - held my nose and downed it - and just kept a strong mental mind that i was consuming stuff that was going to dissolve my fat...


It gets better - just grab all the inner strength u can to get over your mental block towards it...

ALSO - making the shakes with electric blender and adding ice makes them so much more delish... it will take u a few gos before u make them just the way u like them... I love mine all so much i think i am going to miss them when i finish... you will get there too!

Its only day one - get this week over u and u will be flying babe xoxo


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try splitting your shakes down into half and then use double the amount of water ..so 1/2 shake 500mls of water...i still do this now ..if you have vanilla stick it in the blender with a spoonful of coffee, get a huge mug and enjoy ...they do taster nice after a while and doubling up on the water helps your daily fluid intake too
If not try drinking 1/2 pint of water before the shake and then half pint after wards to dilute the taste!
The shakes have a high vit & mineral content and at first you can taste this, but it goes after the first few days and the shakes taste better

Trust me it gets easier and TFB is sooo right, they are fat melting drinks


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You need to have them because the sickness is probably hunger and this will help, try ice cold water or mixing half with more liquid. Just think if you don't have them you'll get even more hungry and be tempted to cheat! you don't want that do you? that's why you're here. Good luck and stay strong. x
Im on day 3 and today actually enjoyed my lunchtime strawberry shake. have saved my chocolate one for this evening as that is my fave , I do the vanilla one with added coffee in the morning.
I tried the chicken soup but it actually made my heave when i tried to swallow it.
Keep on going lol Im only on day 3 and struggleing but keep checking in here to see the amazing weight loss and positive comments . Much Love xx


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You'll find the flavours you didn't like to start with you start to like as you go on further, like your tastes change!!!!


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maybe try adding a sweetener too, diluted is defo a good idea, i did that with mine to start with.

the vanilla and choc with coffee added are so much better.

give it a whirl girl :)
FIGHT IT!! this morning was real bad, home made samosas!! had it in my mouth, but still didn't bite, I been having major vivid dreams aswell, but 3 weeks later, Im 2 stone lighter, keep it up, it will so be worth it!
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Hi Rachel,

The first week is tough but you need to persevere. Think about how great you will feel when you realise how much weight you have lost at your first WI. It really does make it all worthwhile.

I'm 13 weeks in and am rarely hungry and I love my shakes. I have vanilla as a latte and strawberry, mmmmmmmmm!

Hang in there babe, you can do this. As someone once said on here "no food tastes as good as being slim feels" and I am loving fitting into smaller sizes.

We are here if you need us and make sure you make the most of the forum, it has got many of us through the tough times.

Do make sure you get 3 shakes down you today as if you don't you will make yourself ill and probably send your body into starvation mode and it will hang on to the fat even more.

Good luck.



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I think the trick is not to look at it as food?? I just glub mine with a glass of cold water on the side i dont look at the shakes as summat nice i look at it as my answer to me losing weight xxxxxxxxxx

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