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help . . . struggling on re-start

hi all i re started cd diet lost 9lb on first weigh in. been ok in week but this weekend i have caved in and eaten pizza and had wine, im due on which isn't helping me. im really fed up with myself and cant get why im struggling at weekends as days are same as i work from home.

i wish there was a pill that made you sleep from friday night till moday morning !!

any help on how others overcome it, im such a failure and question if i can do this or am i just wasting my money.
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You and me both Sharon. Weekends are a nightmare aren't they? I only restarted on Wednesday and done fab until Saturday dinnertime. Me and sis who restarted on Tuesday couldn't resist our temptation for fish and chips at the beach. We didn't even eat them all, then had a 99 lol. So, we then decided that coz we had cheated anyway we should go out that night. Didn't get in until 3.30 this morning. Had a good day and night and tried my best again today. However, had one of them small packs of king sized prawns from Morrisons so hope I haven't done too much damage today. Just made one of them new Chocolate Orange shakes ... one sip and the sink drank the rest lol - disgusting.

Anyway, work tomorrow when it gets easier. Stick in and good luck. Remember, you are not alone and most people find the weekends the hardest x
I think we would all be slim if it wasn't for weekends :)

The only advice I can give is to keep your water intake up and "reward" yourself at weekends with things other than food, be that a trip to the cinema, go ten pin bowling, get a new DVD in or anything really but eat!

Remember this diet isn't for ever and just for a short time and food will be there when you are slim.


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