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HELP! Tablet sweeteners... Which ones do you use?

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Helloooo! :D

So, I have been using Sweetex sweeteners since I started LL about 10 weeks ago... consuming about 14 a day! (Is that excessive?!)

Then, this last week, due to running out, I bought some Canderel sweeteners, as they were all my local garage had... and have been using 14 a day, as before.

But... my weight loss this week has been awful! It's usually pretty slow anyway, but this morning I was 2lbs up! :eek:

I'm figuring it's some freakish water retention, or maybe hormones or something... but, thinking about what I may have been doing differently this week, I'm wondering if it could be the Canderel sweeteners? :confused:

I feel very bloated too... more than usual...

Just curious what one's you guys use, and if there are some which are considered worse than others when on LL?! (Those containing aspartame etc?!)

TIA... Pinks xx
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I use any tablet sweetners I can find tbh. It doesn't matter hun as long as they're tablets x

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ah, cheers mags... Thought there maybe some difference between them, but if you've not had any issues, my 2lb gain must just be some sort of unexplainable freakoid water retention!... ;)



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Hey I'm the master of the unexplained girl!
But honestly I don't think it's the sweetener.
Unless someone else knows better..

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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Lol... you are indeed! ;)

Well, my official WI is tomorrow morning, so I'll see what the scales say then! I refuse to be depressed about it, as I know it's impossible I have gained 2lbs of fat, so it's not real weight! Just so annoying when I stick to the diet, to the letter, don't do a thing wrong, and then GAIN weight!! :mad:

Anyway, I've managed to thread drift my own thread! Lol... ;)

Thanks though mags, appreciate your help...



Playing the Angel
W00t, I use a mix of canderel at home and splenda at work because that is what we have there, and both seem fine with me. I have loads, as I drink oooh a zillion cups of coffee a day!! not sure if it affects weight loss or not, but perhaps check with llc?


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
My LLC always looks at me like I'm an alien, when I ask her any questions... :rolleyes:

I use the canderel one's and they seem fine. What do you use your sweeteners in?
I'm a Hermesetas girl myself. Just love the little blue rectangles!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Cass, I use them in the shakes... As I use of a strawberry pack at a time, & blend with loads of ice to make a 600ml glass of flavoured slush! But it needs sweetening, so crush up a few sweeteners and add them... (I find the water hard to drink so these help make up my water quota!) :D

Gingette, I like blue triangles too! Hehe... So maybe I'll go for those obes next! :)



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You can use them in anything you want huni. I use a lot in a day as I don't really like the savoury packs.

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I use the Tesco tablets in my chocolate one on BLs recommendation.
Tastes much better and more choclatey
Thanks Pinkie, i might have to try that when i get a blender :p x

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