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HELP! Target Weight Query


Please can anyone help me out with my query, this is driving me and my work colleagues crazy.

I am a target weight member at SW. My target weight is 9st 7lbs.

7th April - 9st 6lbs = 1lb under target
14th April - Holiday Week
21st April - Holiday Week
28th April - 9st 4lbs = 3lb under target
5th May - didnt weight
12th May - 9st 4lbs = Still only 3lb under my target weight but was told I had to pay as was out of target range. I thought that I could be 3lb below or 3lb above my target, although having queried why I had to pay SW and my group leader are both saying
im out of range.

If im 9st 7lbs and lose 3lbs im 9st 4lbs, if the following week I then gained 3lbs then im 9st 7lbs that is 3lbs. SW and my leader are counting it as 9st 4lbs are the 4, 5 & 6 are my 3lbs and 7 is my 4th pound :(
I cant see how this is right, surely that means that they are only allowing me to go 2lbs under my target weight.

Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has come across this before.

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That's ridiculous. When I went to school 7 minus 3 always equalled 4. Are they also saying that if you were 9st7lbs then went down to 9st6lbs you are 2lbs below? Can they explain to you in detail exactly how they worked this out?
Target Weight Confusion!

Woodmouse that is a very good point I will have to ask them. My leader phoned head office and when explained it back to me her words were, If you count from 1 to 10 you start at 1 then 2. Im going to ring them myself because im no mathamatically whiz but something is very wrong with the way they have worked this out. :sigh:
I've come across people who work out months like that! Supposing you had weighed in at 9st4lbs1oz? If they're going to be so extreme/pedantic perhaps they should start weighing us in grams? And would they have it that if your target was 9st7lb and at your next WI the scales said 9st9lbs you have put on 3lbs? Seriously though, I hope you get satisfaction. Keep us posted. :)
Dont You Just Love it when your Right!

Target weight query all sorted. Turns out I was right ... oh my what a surprise!

Spoke to a very nice lady today at SW Head Office and explained my situation:-

I am a target weight member at SW. My target weight is 9st 7lbs.

Me: Please could you tell me what my minimum weight can be?
SW Lady: That will be 9st 4lbs.

Me: Ok so could you tell me what my maximum can be
SW Lady: That will be 9st 10lbs.

Me: Lovely so far we agree
SW: Lady chuckles ...

Me: Could you tell me how long I am allowed I am allowed to remain at 9st 4lbs
SW Lady: You can remain at your minimum weight as long as you like

Me: Could you explain to me why then when I weighed on Thursday, I was advised that I was out of my range when my weight was 9st 4lbs and I was advised I had to pay.
SW Lady: Oh thats not right, if you 9st 4lbs you are within your target range.

Me: When I questioned it with my group leader whoever she spoke to at your head office advised her, that it was counted as :- 9st 4lbs, 5lbs, 6lbs, and the 7 is my forth pound
SW Lady: Oh lord who was she speaking to,they certainly didnt do maths at school!

Me : Your not kidding. Is there any chance that my declared weight could have been entered incorrectly?
SW Lady: I will have a look now for you, Oh dear it would appear you have been declared at 9st 8lbs.

Me: As SW terms are that you can only declare after losing 7lbs, I cant have declared at 9st 8lbs, I would have been a 1lb out.
SW Lady: Yes again you are quiet right, I will rectify this for you now on our system with your correct declared weight of 9st 7lbs, I will also ring your group leader and advise her that 1. we do not count losses how she was advised and 2. you are to be refunded in full for last weeks mistake.

Me! Thank you very much, at least I now know im not going totally mad.
Absolutely brilliant!!! You asked all the right questions in the right order with a nice little twist at the end. So glad it's sorted. :)
Victory is sweet!

Thanks Woodmouse, sorry about the long post yesterday but just had to set the conversation out as it happened. For a while there after weighing Thursday I really thought it was me and I was going totally mad or had lost the ability to count simple numbers! :)

Will post what happens once I weight Thursday ... lets hope I dont go under target this week! lol
Oh Dear - Result from Thursday Weigh In... hehehe

Well got to weight in Thursday and was asked to stay behind after class thought I was gonna get lines to do ...

The drama continued on Thursday, I telephoned SW Head Office and spoke to the original lady who told me I wouldnt have any problems on weighin in that night .. hahaha, what a joke. Handed over my card and the system said yet again I had to pay.... Anyway got that sorted SW consultant rung head office whilst the que for the next class built up behind me and then we move the the scales. Jokingly I say well lets hope I dont drop below this week and then the scales stopped and id lost another half a pound taking me officially under my target weight minimum. Needless to say SW consultant aint happy at this point, and im made to get back on the scales with my handbag in my hand which obviously being a women it weighs a ton and takes me way above my upper target, off the scales again and this time I step on with my purse and mobile phone in my hands, making it look like I have gained 1.5lbs.

Wonder what this week will bring!

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