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help the hubbers!!

well my hubby weighed himself before and it looks like hes put weight back on!!.. he has been really good since we both started and i dont want him to get disheartened and start eating like before again..
we mainly do green days with red days over the weekend .. he has been eating poached eggs on two pieces of wholemeal toast and tinned toms for breakfast. jacket pot with beans and salad for lunch and then for tea we have been eating things like stir fry, qourn spag boll, sw chips and beans, pasta with chicken, hes drinking up to 2 litres of water a day and eating a stack of frut on a daily basis. so just wondered if there was any tips you could give us or maybe point out whats missing in his diet?? !!
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What do you mean it "looks like he has put on weight"? ... is he having a sneaky peek? If so then what the scales said today bears no relation to what they will say on the official WI day and scales.

That said, looking at the menu plan I think he needs more variety in what he is eating and more superfree veggies. And the reality is that even if you follow the plan 100% you will have weeks when you sts or even have unexplained gained. But you can't let one not so great week knock you off the plan. The secret of successful slimming is being able to pick yourself up after a small setback and getting right back on plan.
we are not going to classes but are doing it from home ourselves, and he got on the scales before and the needle hadnt moved from saturday infact it looked like it had gone back up a bit!!
.. he hasnt said anything about being defeated but i kinda know what hes like and i think that if he cant see losses he might just think its not worth doing it..
what are the superfree veggies?.. planning on doing a big veg curry so maybe i could pop some in!
Stay away from the scales. Get digital ones, or go to boots, ONCE A WEEK. For this exact reason. You see a gain, get all upset and hit the f**k it button...or you see a great loss and hit the f**k it button thinking one treat wont hurt.


Also portion control, does he eat till bursting or satisfied?


Strutting her stuff
Your weight naturally fluctuates from day to day by as much as 7lb. So you could get on the scales today and be 7lbs heavier than yesterday. That is why you should only weigh in once a week and there is even an argument for weighing monthly due to hormonal changes. So don't don't assume he has gained. Wait until Wi day and see how it goes.

Then if it is not a good outcome, come back and post your food diaries for a week and see what happens the following weigh-in. One off weigh-ins taken in isolation are meaningless - you need to look at losses over a number of weeks and in relation to what you are eating and drinking and activity levels.

Superfree veggies are all vegetables except potatoes, parsnips, peas and sweetcorn.

good luck!

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