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Help think I'm eating to much diary :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Katesweightloss, 1 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hi all I started doing sw yesterday
    i dont go to a group I have some books and I am going to try do it at home first
    any advise would be very very welcome :)

    yesterday i ate

    For breakfast I had an alpen light bar and an apple
    for lunch I had a jacket potato with beans
    snack a banana and a muller light
    tea steak mushrooms sw chips and home made coleslaw with lots of salad
    and another muller light.
    it just seems like a lot to be able to eat lol.

    today I ate
    for breakfast bacon with no fat on it tinned toms beans fried egg (fry light) and mushrooms
    a apple and a banana
    wholemeal cheese and home made coleslaw sandwich with some home made crisps yum yum
    and for tea I had bacon with no fat on salad home made coleslaw and sw chips

    still thinking I may not be doing this right?
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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    sounds fine as long as you are getting in your superfree,healthy extras & syns you will lose weight.Alot of us doubt the plan at the beginning as you don't feel deprived but it works :) x
  4. Hi Hun I think I got my super free in with the salad an my coleslaw was home made with cabbage an stuff does that count? I was hoping it did lol I haven't really had any syns cos I haven't really wanted them. Is that ok to do?
    welldone on your weight loss x
  5. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    well the plan for ee is to half 1/3 superfree with each meal I struggle with this a bit so have been doing green days for last week or so & also its 5-15 syns a day.The only problem with not having your syns is feeling deprived & then bingeing on vast amounts of junk been there done that lol you cant say you are never gonna eat choc & crisps etc.. again so eating it in moderation/syns is best way for steady weightloss.I know what you mean though first week you want to see a good loss so you are scared to eat too much.I do it from home with old books so some of it im prob not doing right & I do tweak a few things its working so I will continue but there are a lot of people on here that could help you further & prob have a moan at me for doing it wrong lol xx
  6. I'm not finding it to hard yet lol. My fave food is crisps so I made some slimming world friendly of corse lol.
    I will c how it goes this week not finding it to bad at the mo but think I have done every diet at some point lol x
  7. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    hi newbies I have changed from ww to slimming world have to say while not hungry ish I am struggling as I would normally leave all my extra propoints for the weekend so I could have a few drinks sweets etc but I intend to at least try for 2 weeks to see what happens
  8. Hi I have never been to any groups but am finding sw quite good I love crisps an sweets and today is day 3 with none well I did make some sw crisps lol but only ate about 3 as my son loves them.
    Today I have eaten mushrooms bacon beans pouched egg and 2 brown bread
    then for tea I had boiled bacon cabbage broccoli and a small amount of mash
    for snacks I had an alpen light bar double choc was yummy and I ate it very slowly lol some grapes and an alpen light.
    i find it hard to have hexa as I don't really like milk and cheese would not really have gone with anything I have eaten today.
    hope everyone is on the road to there goals as I finally feel like I have found something I can stick to and my son is loving trying healthier options so it's win win x
  9. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    well done Kate when is weigh in for you? Hope you have a great loss on your first week Im sure you will xx
  10. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    Well done kate sounds like you have your head around it all fingers crossed for you on weigh in I too am like u as in like sweets and crisps havent made sw crisps yet but I plan to over the weekend enjoy
  11. Omg I weighed myself and wait for it I lost 6 lb :) I am over the moon. Sw crisps are yum an I have made some yummy food over the last week that my boyfriend an son have also loved. Hiphiphiphorayyyy lol :)
  12. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    absolutely brilliant loss :) well done bet you are so happy xx

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