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Help to Slim (doctors)

Well..... I've been to the Dr's today and was chatting to the nurse. She mentioned that they are starting a new "help to slim" scheme in January which is similar to the "help to quit" smoking support thing.

Has anyone else heard about this? It sounds great and I'm def going to be her first patient.

I also cried in front of her........ she asked what she could do to help me......... and I just cried!!

I REALLY want to do this, but finding it so hard, hopefully this "help to slim" thing will be just what I need. x
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:flowers:I know how you feel.. I am back on track now but it's been a difficult few weeks..
Try not to get upset about things.. you are the one in control.. you just need to get that feeling back. Think how good you feel when you are on track and those scales move downwards. We have all been there, looking in the mirror ashamed of what we see, knowing we have done this to ourselves.. but we can change our ways and become proud of the person we are on the outside as well as the inside.

So get motivated now.. dont wait till January, you can do it!!!!!


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Never heard of it :/ Did she give you much info?

Chin up sweetie keep going til jan and by then you may not need her.

I'm going to carry on with SW......... Will try and lose as much as possible before January so I can be teachers pet!!

It's not that I feel down, it's just I get emotional as someone wants to help me and if they emphaise with me then I just let all my barriers down and cry.



Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
Not a bad thing huni, you will be fine hun - you doing well - whats you target in the end?

My barriers never come down! Iv decided Im an emotional person just dont express well anymore! I used too!
My target is to have a BMI less than 30......... I want to lose at least 5 stone, a long way to go, but other people have done it so the is no reason why I can't either. x
Keep up the good work. you can do it. If i can stick to it then so can you. Take everyday one step at a time and set yourself small attainable targets. hahaha listen to me this is only my 3rd day on SW and i am giving out advice!


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Hi Louise, I felt like you did, cried at the slightest thing, felt really down all the time, fed up with everything, but once the lbs started to come off it gave me a boost and then the biggest boost was finding this web-site and talking to you lot. What i'm trying to say is that we are all in this together, no matter how long it takes just stick at it and keep thinking how great you will start to feel soon!! Talk on here everyday to others, it will keep us all motivated !! Chin up and lots of love xxx
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A couple of ladies at the class I attended a few months ago had their SW membership and weekly fees paid by their GP through some slimming scheme. I wonder if thats the same thing because I know that wasnt available country wide, only in selected areas??

Who knows.......

T4A x


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Could be - my docs do 12 weeks of SW vouchers at a time, and you can get a continuation if need be. They also do a scheme where you can get vouchers for cheaper gym seesions and classes.
Sounds great - to be honest, I would just welcome the thought of HAVING to go see the nurse every few weeks to show how I'm doing. My friends and family try and ask but I just give them a look that says "don't go there", so they back off.

I've stuck to it 100% today and am happy x


Over half way to target
S: 15st2lb C: 11st2lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 4st0lb(26.42%)
Good for you Louise. Keep at it. It's always a bit of a strain when the weekend comes around, but try not to undo all your good work.


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i know my doctors are starting one of those things at the surgery. They asked if i wanted to go and put my name down but no one has contacted me yet so i might give them a phone.

I feel crap somedays and somedays i feel ok. keep your head held high and do your best hun

Debs x
Thanks everyone..... I'm just so fed up of being positive and then failing then thinking I'll give it another go....... and then failing.

I just need to get off my sorry a*se, get some will power and grow up!!!

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