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Help, Today i feel awful ...

I have not felt this way before, please help
to be honest I have been feeling a little the same the last few days , feel very dizzy when i stand up too fast , I think it may be because I am struggling to get enough water down me .. this can cause dizzyness . I also remeber last time I did CD I did have episodes of dizzyness but it doesnt seem to last long
hope you feel better soon , try more water or try adding an extra shake a day , this wont affect weight loss but may stop yo feeling so weak :)
Are you on any medication?
Keep drinking the water, try a black coffee too if it helps. What time are you having your next pack?

I think alot of people feel dizzy, but equally it could be something other than the diet. Do you have a headache?

Hang in there x
I drink between 3 and 4 litres a day, dont have a headache but i feel all fuzzy if you get me.

Thanks Guys


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You don't say what plan you are doing, but either way, take yourself up to the next plan. Have a shake now, then split them there after for a while, making up half at a time.

Go see your dr too if you don't feel better after that, and get your blood pressure checked whilst you're there.

Hope you feel better shortly :hug99:


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I have off days like this occasionally, usually when I've been overdoing it with work, exercise or walking. If you don't have any commitments, don't be afraid to have a lazy day and do absolutely nothing! And don't stand up too quickly ;)

Water will also help, but don't force it. Take little sips more often. As someone else said, splitting your packs up can help, too. If you continue to feel weak (I presume you're on SS or SS+?), you could always have an extra pack - it won't affect your progress at all.

If it's anything like my off days, you'll be absolutely fine by tonight, and it certainly won't last more than a day. But if does carry over into tomorrow, you may want to think about talking to your CDC or seeing your GP.

I'm sure it won't, though!
im on ss, mayb i just did too much yesturday



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Hope you feel better soon hun , i havent had these symptons so i cant help but wish you the very best !

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