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Help Too much Salt

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by bc201, 31 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. bc201

    bc201 Silver Member

    Have just tasted my curry and it's too salty PLEASE HELP! Any suggestions what I can add to counteract this!
    Desperate !!!!
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  3. Potato

    Potato Full Member

    Pop an uncooked potato in there & that will absorb some saltiness, worked for me & a few saline soups :)
  4. AbFab

    AbFab Full Member

    Yes, a potato is always good for thickening or if you've overdone the salt. You could also add a little fat-free natural yogurt to cut through the saltiness.
  5. bc201

    bc201 Silver Member

    Potato in and going to add FF from frais at end as usual thank both!
    Some might not find salty but have cut salt down to bare minimal as I suffer with high BP so now anything that has a tad too much salt tastes terrible to me!( although Dad has the salt pot out when he's here!!!)

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