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Help, Urgent - Restaurant food


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Right I am going to the Recruiting Sargent in Coltishall for a hen night tonight. I urgently need some help. Are any of you lot clever enough to give me some ideas to full meals that are low cal. I'll have about 1000 cals left to eat by the time I get there so lets look for meals that are roughly 800 or less (so I can fit drinks in - don't lecture me about wasted calories, I know, I know.)


That's the sample menu I don't know if that is what is on offer though.

I'm thinking some sort of fish would be a good plan but I'm not so much of a fan. The Halibut and Seabass look like the healthiest to me but what about the stuff they come with, healthy?

Estimated calories would be lovely.

I love you all, thanks in advance.
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seabass 140cals [uncooked]
new potatoes 75cal for 100g
med veggies i cant guess as i dont know what it includes , but seems like a good option to me. id go for the sea bass, as go for a walk at lunch/after work too kill some extra cals incase


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Well I'll be walking the 1.5 miles home from work and I walked here this morn. Might try and squeeze a yoga sesh in before I get ready. If they don't have the seabass then any other recommendations generally? Would the Saute potatoes be high in cals, as in high or as high as chips. I'm not a huge new potato fan.


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Too late now, I guess, but I think the plaice sounded like the healthiest (and yummiest!) option by far. I'd have given the starters a miss, I think, but the scallops would've been a good option, or the oysters - if you can stomach them!

If there's ever anything on a menu that you fancy, but you're worried about how they've cooked it, or what they're serving it with, never be afraid to ask for a few changes. Most places are very accommodating, and it's your meal and your cash at the end of the day!


Shoot to thrill
I had the halibut with saute potatoes and buttered leeks. I thought that the butteryness would be confined to the leeks but the whole thing was COVERED. fish was nice though.

I had the scallops to start too.
I really hate this, I don't know why restaurants feel the need to cover EVERYTHING in butter! it's just not nessesary like at all. If I order veg with my meal I usually make a point in asking for no butter but sometimes I forget to and it seems like every restaurant does it coz every time I get butter grrrrrr!
Sorry for the rant lol at least you enjoyed yourself :D x

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