Help - very upset


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Im really not sure hun, hopefully a cdc will be here soon to advise you.xx have you spoken to your own cdc??


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S: 18st0lb G: 10st3lb
yes - apparently it is a reaction to the carbs - I have started having only one meal with carbs and three packs - as a kind of half way house between 810 and 1000 - but still gaining. might have to go back to 810 proper - any suggestions from anyone gratefully receieved!!


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hey hun,

im not sure if this is normal, but my personal thoughts on this are that your gain is down to the introduction of carbs - which is a 'necessary evil' as you can't be off carbs forever.

I reckon if you stick with it for another three weeks those 5lbs will come off again (as there's no way you can't lose on 1000).

Also I think at this stage you need to go by your shape rather than the number on the scales. That 5lbs is just your glycogen and water stores filling up and not fat. So your shape won't have changed. If you're happy with you're shape then that's the most important thing and it doesn't matter what the scales say!! xx


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Oh hun thats awful, I will be watching for other responces as im moving to 810 this week so will be very interested.xx Hope you get sorted hun.xx


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Well, this is strange, but you can be sure that it's not fat., it'll just be water and glycogen. The fact that it's still low calories mean that theoretically, you shouldn't put on.

Personally, I would just stick with it, and I'm sure it will settled down. Then stay with it until it's giving the results I want ;)

I'm sure that if you can bear with it, it'll sort itself out soon.

Annoying for you though!


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oh no!!! hope it settles down. i am dreading moving up the plans.

good luck and let us know what happens.


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Hi. What a dilemma! This is what I am worried about too if i ever get to moving up the plans! If it helps at all I always put on exactly 5lb when I come off the diet (on holiday etc) and reintroduce carbs. This always goes away again as soon as I get back into ketosis. However, in your case you really dont want to do that do you as you are moving towards mauntenance. KDs advice seems best, but I would add, get out your best jeans, keep trying these on and as long as you are happy with the fit, stay off the scales for a few weeks. Good luck, keep us posted


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oh honey. you know in your heart of hearts that it can't be fat. you KNOW that. there's no way it could be. sometimes this happens to people. get glugging water and once your body is used to the new balance of food you are receiving it will drop off again.

how much water are you drinking? and are you being careful with your portion sizes?

abz xx


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Hi Dogtanion

Did you mention this to your CDC and if so, what did they say? Did they have any advice for you?



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Apparently it can take a few weeks to adjust as someone has already said, guess your system and metabolism has slowed up and isnt used to carbs and needs to get going again, this is probably the bit where people who dont maintain properly gain it back, me and my cdc were chatting the other week and she said its not rare to gain at first but its not fat gain.
Your looking great anyway going by your photos, i'd never know you were the same person and you have knocked atleast 10 years off. Stick at it. :)


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Like KD has said.. it will be the glycogen and water weight.. unfortunitly.. it makes us feel bad.. but tbh.. you shouldnt.. anyone who reintroduces carbs after doing a ketosis stylee diet will have it.. in your very first week.. its the reason you lose so much..

kick back.. stick with it.. and dont even worry about it.. your cdc should know this will happen..

x x