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Help wanted please

Hi everyone, just wanted to say i've read most of the forums and i think everyone of you have done fabulous! I used to go to Slimming World about 3years ago and decided to weight myself to find i've put 2 stone on and now i've decided this time i want to do it for me and no one else. I'm at my very heaviest and its really getting me down so all weekend I've been looking online for insparation and boy you guys deffinately have given me it!!
I think i'll mostly be doing red days, so my food diary for tomorrow is below, if anyone has any hints or tips for me it would be much appreciated.

2 x Bacon, 1 quarn sausage on two nimble bread. Muller light yougurt and banana.
Chicken, Lettuce, peppers, onion, 1 table spoon of Extra light mayo on weight watchers wrap, followed by fruit (strawberrys, grapes, bananas, nectarines)
Stir fry, chicken, egg noodles and morrisons own stir fry sauce (I think i need to learn how to do my own) followed by yougurt if hungry.

So thats my first day planned lets see how I go tomorrow!! *crosses fingers*
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Just so you know, quorn sausage aren't free anymore. :( Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, just wasn't sure if you knew. But that all looks fantastic, I love a grill-up to fill me up in the morning, makes me less grumpy come lunchtime lol. Are you doing a group as well?
Hiya! No i didnt know it was counted. Thank you!
Unfortunately i had a bad experience the last time i went to a meeting so I'm a little petrified of actually going back to one. Plus my family don't help at all been saying for weeks i'm starting SW and we went shopping today i had my own trolley etc and once we got home mine was all healthy and they've bought chocolate and biscuites so i'm sooo mad! Hopefully i can get the support on here than i am from home. Doesnt help that my boyfriend is always saying he loves my body (i just dont tho) :cry:
Well, day one nearly over with, I've never eaten so much and i'm soooo full from dinner still and not even had tea!!!
Altho when i've just been cleaning someone has decided to leave toffee crisps lying around!!! :( Must not eat the chocolate!!

Same food for tomorrow seeing as it was sooo delish today!! x
Ok so day two done, and the cake thats sat in the fridge is calling out my name even tho i'm not hungry!!! Today's food was exactly the same as yesterdays soooo here goes for tomorrows food diary

2 x nimbles bread and 3 rashs of bacon
followed by banana

Salad consisting of, lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, eggs, ham, onion.
Fruit (melon, strawberrys, grapes, nectarine) strawberry yogurt.

Shepherds pie, swede/carrots mashed for top, with brocoli and red cabage and probably peas for veg.

Only problem i'm having is lunch time ideas because of working and we only have a microwave am utterly at a loss for what to actually take to work, im used to having sandwichs.

What does everyone else eat?


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Do you have long enough to cook a jacket potato? If so I'd do that and take different fillings. or you could make a pasta salad?

edited to add: sorry I meant to say Hi and well done for resisting all those naughty foods your family leave lying around :)

I find a curly wurly (6 syns) in the freezer, alpen lights in the cupboard (3 syns - or 2 = HEXB), pop a muller light in the freezer for 2 hours. :) all handy for when I need a treat
I seriously need a kick up the bum for last week!!! :( Going to try KFC chicken at some point this week too!
Going to try and have Jacket potato only problem with that is the microwave! Oh well i haev a lovely ham salad for dinner followed by the usual strawberry and muller light yum!
OH my god!
I cant cope! Everyone is having fish shop for dinner and i really want one of those fish cakes with potatoe and fish, this is soooo unfair!
I have my spagetti on toast ready and i want to have fishs hop :(


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:( arghh doesnt help does it when everyone around you is having 'nice' food but just think the good you are doing every bad thing you resist is getting you closer to where you want to be just remember why you started the diet in the first place and it should get ya willpower up you can do it :)xx
Thank you :) I didn't have it wooop altho i did have a bite and to teach myself am not allowed i walked round the building twice and its a steel works so its rather big lol, roll on tomorrow Aqua Aerobics and then swimming in the evening.

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