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Help-week 10,want 810 week but feel guilty


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Hi, I am starting week 10 tomorrow and I have lost 3 stone 2lbs but I am starting to really crave food. Not to cheat but to do my 810 week but I feel as though if I do my 810 week before I have done the maximum of 12 weeks on ss I will have failed.

I am also thinking of going onto ss+ after the 810 week but I am worried how much slower my weight loss will be and again feel as though I will not be doing my best by completely being on ss for the whole journey as I still have a long way to go.

I am hoping I am just having an off day, first one in a long time. I am due totm so might just be that. I wouldn't dream of cheating on this diet and I am really beating myself up about even thinking of doing 810 week early. :help2:
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Zoe you have done so well, well done!!! I'm really inspired to hear how much weigth people have lost. It makes me feel that I CAN do this!! I'm just going into week 4 of SS. I'm thinking of doing 810 in week 5 because H2B and me are having a week off so we'll be up to things and we have a family BBQ at the end of the week. I know what you mean, feeling guilty and everything but if you are ready to have a week on 810 then do it. If you deprive yourself when you are craving food it might send you off rails when you do finish SS, although you sound very focussed. I'm gonna do the week off and then go back to it. Lost 13lbs so far in 3 weeks. I am happy to take my time, although its nice seeing the results isn't it, as thats what keeps you going on bad days!!! I had a difficult couple of days last week where I was feeling like you and I was due my totm too so its also probably that...Give it a few days and see how you feel then. Good luck and keep going because you are doing brilliantly.


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Thanks Tezza, I am hoping it's the totm thing to blame. You are doing fab too.


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You're having great weight losses every week. Perhaps it is just a totm thing but as I only started CD and SS today I can't really help.


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Thanks Nellyphant, I hope so. Good luck with your journey.

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