Help - Week 3 have put on 6lbs


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Hello, I'm new here and hoping some of you experienced Cambridgers can help me.

I started on step 2 on 5th Jan and I'm now into week 3.

Start weight 11 stone 2.
Height 5'5
Dress size 10/12

Week 1 I lost 5lbs
week 2 I lost 5 lbs
Beginning of this week I was down another 2lbs however yesterday I was showing 4lbs increase and today another 2lbs increase.

It's not time of the month either.

I know i shouldn't weigh myself daily but I do it first thing and it's what motivates me to keep going.

I drink around 4 litres of water a day and only green tea.

The only cheat I had was a coke zero last weekend.

I also go to the gym and do 30 mins cardio a day and light weights. This is my normal gym routine pre diet.

I appreciate I haven't got lots to lose and it could be slower but I wasn't expecting to eat 800 calories and put on nearly 1/2 a stone!!

I'm also used to the whole ketosis thing as I have done Atkins in the past.

Help...please!!! :))
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Hi Bella.

I don't really know what to say except please don't worry too much. It will all sort itself out for your weigh in. As long as you are doing this diet 100% there is no way you will gain.

Keep your chin up and keep going x x


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It's so demotivating!!

I have no food in the house that I can cheat with so not like I'm sleep walking and eating haha.

Very baffling!!


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Sounds like there are problems with gravitational pull at your place. ;)

This is the problem with weighing daily. Try to resist the urge, just go by your CWPC's scales. When's your weigh in? Try not to let it mess with your head - things can change pretty quickly!