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Help! Will evidence of ketones prove to be problematic in a medical?

Hi folks,

Don't know if anyone can help, I appreciate this is a technical question!

I am about to embark on LT but am concerned because I have to undergo a medical in 2 weeks time. (I am emmigrating to New Zealand! Yipee!). I could do with losing about a stone before the medical! I have about 3 stone to lose in total.

As part of the medical they test your urine and, specifically the glucose levels.

Does anyone know if the ketones in my urine would show as excessive glucose levels? This might imply that I am diabetic (which i'm not) and cause a problem with passing the medical.

If so, I was wondering if it would be Ok to start LT for a week to get a headstart then maybe refeed to bring my levels back to normal before the medical? Then contine to lose the rest of my weight afterwards?

My pharmacist has explained that i would be producing ketones for other reasons than being diabetic which I understand but surely they would still be in my urine regardless of how they got there!

Help! I am confused!

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Ring LT direct they are soooooooo helpful. Good luck on your move.
cheers Helen, dont forget to let us all know what LT say xxxx


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They wouldn't think you were a diabetic because of ketones, they'd be looking at your blood glucose level, and your glyceated haemoglobin. They'll know by looking at you if that you're not extremely stressed/have a fever, which are the non-diabetic/non diet related things to cause ketones in urine. I seriously doubt they'll even test for ketones, because it'd literally only show in a diabetic if they were about to slip into coma.
I'd tell them you're on lipotrim, losing weight can only be a good thing and if you start now you could be possibly 17lb down.
I think if you only do LT for a week you only lose water, no fat, so it probably isn't worth your while. Just start after the medical if you're really worried.
Best of luck!
Lucky you moving to New Zealand!
SOOO jealous!

If they stick one of those strips into your urine that tests for various things then it probably will test for ketones as well as glucose. But don't worry, these are different things. It is possible to have ketones and not be diabetic as everyone on a VLCD knows. It is also possible to be diabetic, have glucose in your urine and have no ketones (both my daughters are Type 1's and frequently have this).

Lots of people (diabetic and non diabetic) will have a trace of ketones on waking just because they haven't eaten all night - it doesn't indicate a problem.

People often confuse ketosis with diabetic ketoacidosis, which is caused by having very little or no insulin. This is a medical emergency - you would know if you had it as you'd rapidly get very very ill and end up in intensive care, probably within hours.

So don't stress! And enjoy NZ, I lived in Wellington for over 10 yrs, it's a lovely country.


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I normally just worry about traces of coke & MDMA in mine...

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