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Help with a recipe for bolognese needed


Better to Drink your Syns
I normally make bolognese using a jar of bought sauce, but as this is my first week on slimming world, and trying to stick to my syns they are very high.
I would appreciate it if anyone can share with me a syn free delicious recipe for bolognese.
I've looked at the one on the slimming world site, and it includes worcester sauce, and my local supermarkets don't sell a gluten free one (hubby is a coeliac), and assume with the ommission of this, it will be tasteless.
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I make mine as follows

Extra lean mince, fry till browner then take out to drain.
Fry a chopped onion till just slightly browner, add minced garlic
Add the mince with passata, a crumbled bolognese stock cube
Add a bit of water, mixed Italian seasoning, all purpose seasoning and about a teaspoon on sweetner
Add chopped mushrooms then simmer for about 20 mins
I used to make it from the jar and have tried various different methods of cooking this, until perfecting this method
It tastes delicious, better than the jarred stuff and it's all syn free.

Hope this helps x

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Thank you.
Anyone got any ideas what I could use to pep up the flavour instead of worcestershire sauce?
A touch of cayenne pepper to add the heat and maybe some paprika for richness? Or tabasco sauce? I'm not sure what your hubby's dietary needs are exactly, but I think you'd need something slightly spicy as a substitute.


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I crumble a beef oxo cube up into mine to give it a meatier flavour! Not to everyones taste but I love it. :)
1tsp balsamic vinegar can really lift a tomato based sauce, or even 1/2 tsp thai fish sauce (Lee and Perrins has anchovies in it)

I read that Waitrose now have a squeezy tube of "umami" which is the savoury yummness that you are looking for by adding L&P but I don't know if that is gluten free...

what is true though, is that it will always taste better the next day when the flavours have had a chance to mingle

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