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Help with cd please

Hi this is my first day on this diet I'm doing ss but I cannot see me doing this all I've had today is the porridge strawberry shake and leek and potatoe soup and all 3 are ther worse thongs I have ever had I got to have something else tonight but really not looking foward to it. I feel starving today and just thinking of eating something, I hate the salty taste of all the things I've had I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this I really need and want to though any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Chipy dee. Welcome to the forum. Can I ask are you 5' 8" or over to be on 4 a day?

Honestly, stick at it and you will find something you like. It does take a little bit getting used to but it does get better. Everybody's taste buds are different and what you may not like this week you could love next week. There are some lovely flavours, I like everything apart from about 5 and 2 of them are on your list that you had today haha. Try the tetras, they are only small ready made drinks or try adding ice to your shakes. The longer you are on it, the more ways you will discover. Really it is worth trying to stick at it x


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All I can say is that is does take some getting used to. The soups are totally off the menu for me, I can't stand them. But everything else has taken a little bit of getting used to, I found it hard to remember that milkshakes don't all taste like MacDonalds milkshakes lol. Good luck with it because this diet really is amazing. xx


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Hi Hun, im on my 2nd day and have only found one shake i like and thats the choc mint, i hate the veg soup, choc orange, strawberry and toffee & walnut shakes.

Im finding it hard but im determined that as much as i want to eat im not going to, i wanted to do this for a reason and thats that.
i personally hate all of the soups and the porridge. I found that when I first started I liked all of the others but as my taste changed I could only stomach the fruity ones and the chocolate ones. Try the chocolate ones hot they are fab. I also used to break it up a bit by having a bar for lunch. U'll start to feel differently once u get into ketosis and as soon as u have had ur first weigh in u will be so motivated to carry on... thats what kept me going anyway. I lost 5 and a half stone in 5 months to help with trying to get pregnant. i know have 13 week old twin boys and they wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for this diet. It really has changed my life. I did put most of the weight back on during pregnancy but have just started back on it this week to try to get back to what I was before. Good luck and just keep trying the different shakes. Hopefully u'll find some others that u like. U'll be amazed at how ur taste changes over the next few months.
You have to give it a good go - one day is not nearly long enough and there is a certain amount of trial and error at the start with different flavours. I stuck to chocolate pretty much all the way - with bars and mousse which you can have after 2 weeks. Commit yourself to at least the first week's weigh in - almost guaranted that the loss you experience will be motivation enough to carry on
good luck finding flavours you like
Hey hun, i agree with everyone else, stick with and after a week or too your taste buds will change and you'll see amazing loses that will really motivate you. You'll also be able to start the choc bars after 2 weeks and they're yum.

When i first did CD i went 3 months on just the Choc Mint shake because everything else made me feel sick. This time round i cant even stomach the Choc Mint so i'm living off Choc shake (i have it as hot choclate), Apple and Cinnamon porridge (the original taste like sand and chemically) and a Choc bar and Choc tetra here and there.

Give all the flavours ago and see which ones you like the best. You can always ask your CDC if she will swap the products if you dont like them.

Just give it your best and see how its goes.

Good Luck xx
The original porridge is horrible. I'm on my first day too, and had it for lunch, and really struggled to get it down. But I'm sure the effects will be worth it, so am going to eat the nasty stuff then get some different things next week.

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