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Help with effects from lack of mobility!


is working hard.....
I fell and badly sprained my ankle and broke 2 toes on Thursday evening. :(
It has totally scuppered my daily walking routine, but also I'm struggling on crutches to even be mobile around the house.

My question is, in relation to weight loss, as I am so 'inactive', should I modify my plan in any way? i.e. less syns, less HE etc?

Is there any way to remain 'active' from a semi-reclining position?!! My fingers are the only bit of me exercising atm!

Any help/advice gratefully recieved - tia :)
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is working hard.....
Oh wow - thats great! Thanks for that. I will def give it a go.
(All I need now is a beach and a deckchair lol!!)

Might also try some sit ups if I can manage it ;)
when i fell down the stairs i honestly thought i'd be screwed weight loss wise..

i carried on as normal and had my first big loss in ages.. 3lbs.. i think it was because of all the extra effort i had to put into doing stuff, all that hopping around constantly worked it off! ( that was after eating two packets of oreos after being in the hospital)


is working hard.....
Thanks guys - that really helps. I do feel very achy round my upper body - must be due to the crutch work!!

Thinking about it too, going up and down the stairs on my botty must be toning too!;)

I will carry on as before - made some SW Ferrero Rocher for this eve so I will munch away happily x :)


is getting better at it
hi, i tried to pm you but i cant. but if you go on to rosemary conley.tv and go to the exercise section then to the expert advise tab there is some exercise routines sitting on a chair, this may be useful.


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Cupcake, I hope you feel better soon. It's horrible breaking toes... been there and done that, unfortunately too many times. The first time I broke my big toe was tripping over the hoover!


is working hard.....

After a long, emotional and tiring week struggling round on my crutches, I have managed to lose 1lb!! :thankyouthankyou:

I have stuck to plan 100%, but not been mobile at all. I also had the dreaded * event occur early on Thursday evening :sigh: so I've not exactly been on top form at all!

Had a divine delivery from Mr T last night of all things Quark, Quorn, Muller light, Alpen light, fruits and veggies etc so I'm set for a good weekend ahead too.

Thank you all for your good wishes and support - here's to a good week ahead. :)xx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
well done on the 1lb loss.

i found hobbling around on crutches far more knackering that walking so you'll probably be burning more calories doing that ;)

you can still lose weight and do no exercise whatsoever on SW so try not to fret too much over it.

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