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Need a little advice

S: 17st6lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st8lb Loss: 1st10lb(9.84%)
Hiya Guys

I'm quite new here, this forum is so big I'm not quite sure where to post this - sorry if it's in the wrong area.

I've been using Xenical for about 10 weeks, altough I did have a about 3 weeks break because I had a rough time, so not a brilliant start.

I have lost 14.5lbs, I am having a few issues not with the Xenical itself but with me.

I want to loose weight and I know I have to but I always seem to go about it in the wrong way.

I have started to exercise more but had a fall a couple of weeks ago and badly sprained an ankle and bruised my knee and the bone so thats a tricky one for me atm. Once thats sorted I am looking for some ideas - I work shifts so 90% of the time that I am able to excercise gyms etc are closed.

I seem to have somekind of mental block if I don't get the weightloss I want, instead of trying harder I always end up eatting bad foods and comfort eatting - at he time it helps but obviously as the reality of what I've just done sinks in so does the guilt. I call it mental sabotage lol thats the only way I can describe it.

I have had a good week so far this week and am full of enthusiasm. I think I am having too many carbs - I have always been a carbs junkie. Any ideas of what alternatives I could have?

I am going to try some new foods this week too. My OH is very fussy but he'll have to 'grin and bare it' or make himself something else.

New things I have bought are Venison, Plaice and Butternut squash - obviously not all to be eatten in one meal hehe but I'm trying to be abit more adventurous. ;)

Any help, hints, tips are very welcome :D
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Welcome & well done with your weight loss so far x

They can be pricey, But one way of trying to tone without exercising is by using a vibroplate. I have found I am losing inches after using mine :D

I think a lot of us suffer from the mental sabotage button :( Not sure how to best advise you on this one, Sorry x

As for carbs, My body has a love/hate relationship with them and I have recently started cutting them out as much as poss. For brekkie I have been having poached eggs and some bacon (sticking to low fat as poss with the Xenical, It CAN be done). Today I had a couple of Free From Sausages (Gluten/Wheat Free) and 2 Free Range,Organic poached eggs which took me slightly over (18 rather than 15) as I unexpectedly had to take my DH to the drs so it was a "Brunch" as it was lunch time by the time I got to eat anything.

For Lunch, I will have mixed salad leaves with protein - Turkey/fish/steak/Prawns

And for tea, I will have the same (obviously not the same meal as with lunchtime, but salad and protein).

For snacks I will have fat free yogourts etc

I have never had Venison but would like to try it. Last week I got some Swordfish and it was LUSH!! Very meaty for it being fish if that makes sense? It is pricey but imho very worth it and I have some for tonight :D

Butternut Squash is something I love but I *think* is considered high carb. But you`re not being as anal as I am about them so you`ll be fine ;) LOL

I hope this has helped a little




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Hello, and welcome :) It sounds like you're doing really well so far - 14.5lbs is a great weight loss, especially if you've taken a break along the way!

I seem to have somekind of mental block if I don't get the weightloss I want, instead of trying harder I always end up eatting bad foods and comfort eatting - at he time it helps but obviously as the reality of what I've just done sinks in so does the guilt. I call it mental sabotage lol thats the only way I can describe it
I had to re-read this to check that I hadn't written it myself! :D It sounds like we have similar patterns of behaviour around food and dieting, and I'm only just beginning to get to grips with mine, but this would be my advice in getting your head around the whole dieting thing:

Look ahead to the next half stone, and no further. Plan something nice for yourself when you acheive that milestone, and make sure you do it.
My last reward was to be fitted for a new bra (mine were seriously uncomfortable) but it could just be something like a night of pampering at home with a hot bath/glass of wine/magazine.

Try to wipe the slate clean every day. Some days will be better than others, but one blip will not ruin the whole journey. We only stumble when a 'bad' day turns into a bad week/month/year (I've done all of these!)

Think about the passage of time. We may not always lose weight at the rate we want to, and the overall journey might be a scenic one, but the time is going to pass anyway. We might as well be doing something positive, rather than looking back in another 6 months time wishing we'd done something sooner.
If you hadn't started Xenical 10 weeks ago, you'd deninitely be at least a stone heavier, if not more. That time was always going to pass, as will the next six months. What matters is that as long as you're steadily losing weight, you'll get there feeling a lot better than you do now.

Try not to adopt an 'all or nothing' approach. You're human, you're going to have times when other things take priority, but that doesn't mean that you've 'blown it'. Life's for living, and ultimately this is a lifestyle change rather than a set period of time dedicated to dieting, after which real life will resume!

As far as food's concerned, I can't really think of any words of wisdom, other than to follow the Xenical rules on fat (which I'm sure you know about).
I don't really believe in the whole 'carbs are bad' thing though - I love my carbs, and have grainy bread or potatoes most days. As long as you're building them into your eating plan rather than having unlimited abounts, I can't see that you'd need to avoid them.

Have you had a look around the diaries on here? A lot of people post their daily food diary so you could have a nosey at what other people are doing, and see if you get any inspiration.
Some people just count fat content, some count calories, and we have a couple of Slimming World ladies too, so you're bound to see lots of variety.

Last of all - good luck , and keep posting. The support of everybody on here is fantastic, and if you've got any questions there's always someone here to answer.


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what they have all said...

welcome... and i too have that self destruct button.. (as i thinky uo might find we all do!!!...)

chin up hun, and have a look arounds some of the other threads... there are loads of recipies in each sectiion... just be picky and choosey over what you want..
S: 17st6lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st8lb Loss: 1st10lb(9.84%)
just wanted to say thank you for your advice it has been really helpful for me

@alex you are 100% right

i feel i have had a good week this week, not actually 100% sure how much i've lost but a loss is a loss

the lovely weather has alos help with my mood and enthusiasim fingers rossed it stays that way ;)

glad there are so many people who have had the same experiences as me
S: 17st6lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st8lb Loss: 1st10lb(9.84%)
yay after a good week i have had a 3lb loss am happy with that :)

hopefully it'll be more when i can start exercising


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Well done on the loss, I think we all struggle after not seeing the results we want. I would personally like to lose 8 stone in a week and have it over and done with but sadly unlikely to happen!!!

Hope you find some exercise to suit you. It is something I really struggles with and have only just sorted. I am a full time mum all day until I then go to work at 5.30 every weekday evening and I also work all day saturday so I found it near impossible. I actually bought a cheap air walker off ebay as with my size exercise can cause injury and that is none impact so really helped. I used to do 20 mins on a morning while my daughter is eating breakfast. I have now moved onto EA active for my wii but do the same 20 mins every morning. Good luck.
S: 17st6lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st8lb Loss: 1st10lb(9.84%)
my mum actually got me some excersie stuff like a stepper a mini tampoline etc about 2 yrs ago as a subtle hint lol

finally dug out the stepper the other day :p

will start today

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