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Help with lunches

Hi everyone Really need help for hubby. After much persuasion hubby has now started S W. Not going to group, just with my help as I attend group. I am struggling with lunches for him. He likes salad, but is a real pain with dressings etc as he loves them and just chucks them and flavoured cottage cheese and potato salad onto them. I keep explaining it has to be measured and synned so am trying to avoid giving him too many salads. As I dont like salad or dressings anyway I am a bit stuck as to what to give him. He is following all three plans as I normally do red with a few green. He doesnt have access to a microwave at work, so that makes things a little difficult. Any ideas would be gratefully received, many thanks;)
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I know I could give him a salad without the dressings etc for his lunch but he says it tastes bland (I dont know or understand as I dont like them) and I dont want to put him off before he starts. Thanks
i made a lovely potato salad the other day for lunch. just boiled new potato's, some spring onions, a bit of left over gammon, and a couple of sins worth of very low fat salad cream. and a hard boiled egg aswell with it. it was really nice and filling.
filled pitta bread

cous cous/pasta/rice salads

get him a food flask and he can have hot foods like curry, chilli, stews etc

have you had a look at the "What's for Lunch?" thread?
Thanks everyone for your replies. I did do a S W quiche last week and he did enjoy that! The mugshots are good too as he only has to boil a kettle, but there are some good ideas there. Cheers


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You could try this dressing, it's my version of a creamy salad dressing and it's only 1 syn per serving!

Serves 4
2 tbsp Hellmann's light mayo (not extra light!) - 4 syns
5 tbsp low fat plain yogurt - 0.5 syns (negligible per portion)
1 tsp mustard powder
Salt & pepper
1 tbsp water to thin it out
Fresh chopped chives (optional)

Mix all together and drizzle over salad! You can make it in a jar and use whenever you need it. It's also great on potato and pasta salads.
I use a balsamic vinegar, one calorie per spray dressing. They do a caesar one too. Made by the people that make fry light. The balsamic ones lovely. Few squirts and your away :)
I had the same problem when I started sw. Breakfast dinner and snacks were easy. Lunch was more difficult as I just used to have sandwich. Last week I made a big potato salad with loads of sf veg and had it for 3 days. Once with ham another with feta and the last day with 2 boiled eggs. I was sick of potatoes by the end of it but it was so much easier not having to think about what to do for a few days. Guess u could do something similar with rice and pasta too.
What all the others have said above, plus: get him free or low syn cottage cheese and make your own free/low syn potato salad, coleslaw etc. Theres millions of low syn dressings too, what sort of dressing does he like?


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I use a balsamic vinegar, one calorie per spray dressing. They do a caesar one too. Made by the people that make fry light. The balsamic ones lovely. Few squirts and your away :)

Problem is, this is a man we're talking about. My otherhalf was all happy about doing roast potatoes for our 'Sunday Roast' (we have it on a saturday as in work on a Sunday) and he was away in the kitchen and made some beautiful roasties. Asked him how he did it 'just parboiled em and used the frylight like you said'

'how many sprays did you use?'

'ooh I counted!' (i'm thinking oh wow he's learning! yay!) '120!'

1 2 0 ! :cry:

Bless him for trying though!

But I'd suggest salad, throw on a can of tuna/salmon, couscous - very very filling! Get some ....new potatoes, parboil and mix with some hellman's extra light mayo, spring onions, chives and abit of garlic/whatever you fancy - throw it in the fridge and potato salad. Get the free cottage cheese - add 2 syns of strong flavoured cheese and mix it in, leave for 24 hours/quark with cheese!

Good luck!
Thanks everyone for your ideas. I did get him some of the salad frylight, he said he didnt like it!!!!!!!!!!!!! His trouble is that its all in his head, he said he didnt like the helmans extra light mayo ( I cant stand anything like that, mayo,salad cream,coleslaw,pot salad, makes me heave) so I have bought a jar and am going to transfer it to the light jar when its nearly empty. He wont know, well I dont think so, I will just have to hold my nose and stand near the sink!!!!!! Oh such fun in our house!

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