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Help with plans for my son


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Help please oh wise slimmers :)

My son wants to lose some weight and probably could do with dropping a couple of stone. I only know the green plan being a veggie but he is a meat eater and I am a bit confused as to what plan would suit him best and how to make it easy as possible for him.
He still lives at home (he is 22) so I do make his meals etc so that isn't a problem.
Am I right in thinking if he follows the EE plan he could have something like tuna and pasta salad and that would be free ? Is EE the easier option for me to use for him ?
All advise very welcome

thanks xx
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Good for you for encouraging your son!

There's no reason he can't do green with you - but if he's anything like most men I know, he'll object fiercely to not having meat in his meals (you should have heard OH moaning how hungry he was after the lovely stuffed aubergines and butternut squash I made last night...anyway, I digress!)

If you do extra easy for him, he can have any free foods from an Original day as well as the Green free foods - but he will be limited to one HEb and one HEa per day.

If he wants to do this himself, it should be quite easy to get him to limit the stuff that's HEs and add meat in with your green foods. EE is called EE for a reason. It's easy! And as it's generally easier for men to lose weight, perhaps he won't encounter the problems of slow losses that some people seem to have with EE.

Do you do all the cooking for him? Lunches and dinners? I think if you do, he should still try and get his head round the plan so that if he's out with mates for food or has a snack attack, he knows sensible choices to make.

Hope all goes well!


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Do you go to class?

Would your son go with you to have the newbie introduction and learn about the different plans from a consultant. He may even want to stay and become a member but if not at least he will have the information we all had when we first joined. If he wants to lose weight whilst following SW he will need to understand the basics behind it.

He will be able to follow whatever plan he feels is best for the day. I never stick to just original because I eat meat. I chop and change depending on what food I'm craving that day.

Is there anyway you can get him involved in cooking and making his meals? I think it is important for people to take ownership of their weight loss and if you are doing all the food stuff for him he isn't making the choices we all have too and that is a real learning curve imo.

EE is the way forward i think here, its so much less restrictive than the seperate plans and he may find it easier.. i think its fab that your encorouging him and can supoport each other, best of luck to both of you! xxx


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Yep, I would definately say EE. If he has cereal for breakfast then that would be his HEX's gone and he only needs to think about meat/fish/carbs and fruit & veg and syns.


And I agree with the previous posts, I bet it would drop off him!!


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He'd find EE perfect. My OH has only been following it half heartedly and has lost 11lbs in 3 weeks! IT's NOT FAIR :sigh:


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Ty so much everyone. I don't go to class but do bodyoptimise at home. I have the EE booklet from when I did attend class before deciding it wasnt for me and swapping to online. I do think this plan will suit him and did discuss it a bit today so he knew about making good choices. He only eats what I buy so I am in control that way and will have a look for snack lists etc.
As for him cooking, great idea but I have to clear the mess after lol


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i know what you mean my oh has had what i give him, mainly red meals and he has lost 4lbs this week even though he has drunk enough beer to float a cruise ship!!! LOL!


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I definately think that EE would be the best option for your son, it means that you can still cook the meals your having but maybe just add meat to his, saves having to cook a million different meals. x x x

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