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help with the syns calculator pls - im stuck?

im trying to use the online syns calculator for the first time tonight but its got me stumped:confused: i was putting the free food in for this particular meal but it has more than one vegetable free and the system as far as i can work out only has the option to list 1 item....is that correct?

its the city kitchen range from tesco (385g) and its called baked chicken and butternut squash risotto, when i looked at the ingredients the following are all free - rice, bns, red pepper amoungst others but these are the main ones, plus on the red section its got chicken so ive put that through as free but it came out at around 17syn on all plans which might be correct but im not sure:confused:

am i doing anything wrong :confused:
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I've used the calculator a few times. I think you just put in whatever is highest in quantity as the free food. When I messed about with it a little, it didn't make all that much difference which food you put in as the free food. It is quite possible that the meal could come out as 17 syns. Even though virtually all the basics in the risotto are free foods, there may well be quite a bit of butter/fat in it.

Gail x
On the ingredients list, the contents will be listed in the order of weight. So if, for instance, rice is listed first then there will be more rice in the dish than anything else. So list the rice as the free food.

Then you need to read down the complete list of ingredients and see what else they have put into it. Oil, fat, butter, sugar, tomato puree, cornflour, etc., etc., all add syns.

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