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Help with Veggies !!

I think I need to try and eat more veggies, before Xenical I would eat a lot of green beans and sweetcorn, mashed potatoes etc but I always used butter on them, does anyone have any alternative ideas as to what to put on my veggies.
Also what could I put on broccoli or cauliflower.
Any suggestions at all for veggies would help
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I don't put anything on my veggies. Unless I've added them to say a stir fry, or to a pasta dish, I don't add anything to them. Things like sugar snap peas/mange toute are fab in stir frys ( as is tender stem broccoli) , I also add them and broccoli into chicken with tomato and basil sauce and pasta.

Oh I am not a big Vinegar fan lol. I just always had something on my veggies and I think it would taste too blah if I tried eating them with nothing, that would put me off eating them altogether. I might try and order some butter buds or find a low fat dressing somewhere.


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hows about roasting carrots/sweed/sweetpotato in the oven with some salt or herbs? Spray with fry light? add balsamic vinegar to it?

I usually make a casserole and throw alsorts in!! Baby corns, mushroom, sweetcorn, carrots,brocoli. That way they are coated in sauce! Colmans do a massive range and a lot are below the rules. I usually stick to the same ones tho. Sausage casserole, chicken chassur (sp), cuq au vin there are loads!

Roasting is a fab idea, I eat lots of roasted veg, sprayed with one cal spray, sprinkle rock salt and pepper on them, sometimes some paprika or chilli flakes too. I also often sprinkle finely chopped coriander on veg...yum.....
I chuck my veg into whatever I'm eating, I eat a lot of pasta so I always put green beans , mushrooms ect with it and just mix it all together and the stew idea is great, I'm lucky as I love veg and the leafier the better, I can't wait for xmas so I can eat brussel sprouts in season, the frozen ones are just not the same.
I do find if you coat you veg with butter you actually loose the taste of the veg and if you cook it right they are lovely...asparagus and mushroom risotto is to die for.
Thanks for all the suggestions, I will try some when I go shopping next !!
i eat a lot of veg i have it with anything i had tuna jacket and veggies (steamed) but nothing on them it was lovely... veg is nice with pastas as everyones said :) x


gunna be a fatty for ever
i also get the steam ones you can do in microweave nd chuck a bag in my stir fry! My fave is brocoli, sweetcorn and carrots
I think i was beaten to it above but i like risotto.........just buy the arborio rice and chuck in what you fancy........i love roasting courgettes,butternut squash, red peppers etc with a couple of sprays of frylight, do the risotto in a pan on the hob, and chuck all the roasted veg in at the end.......YUM


Go on smile! =)
2 weeks ago i hated vegies now im hooked. I also have them without anything on. Try chopping a few peppers up and mix those in the favors are great.
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to start having more stir fry's. Also going to try the veggies with nothing on them, maybe it's because I'm so used to having butter on them I feel like I can't have them naked lol. But I will give it a go.

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