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Step 1 Sole Source Help!!! Words of Wisdom needed


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Don't worry, that's completely normal. It'll start coming off again very soon. And for what it's worth, don't be fooled. You couldn't possibly lose faster on another diet, promise.


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Hi I'm feeling the same I just had my 4wk weigh in today and left gutted.

Wk1 -7lbs
Wk2 - 4.8lbs
Wk3 - no weigh in
Wk4 - 4.8lbs (makes a 2.4lb loss over the last two weeks.

I couldn't have did anymore and I also could do with some reassurance that my losses will pick up again x


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I know Pinkpotions, I have stuck to the letter loads of water and really I'm the zone mindset, tomorrow marks my week 2 weigh-in and so far rain the same so will be 9lbs in 2 weeks xxx
I really believe in this plan, and want it to work so keeping going with the hope it gets better :)

Hope you feel the same, keep in touch and we can compare progress x


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Yes pinkfos remember you only fail by quitting! If you keep at it no matter how small the losses then you are still winning the weight battle.

My hubby loses 10-4lbs every week and it was really getting me down too so I'm just trying to stay positive and only think about myself x

Good luck at your weigh in


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Men always lose a lot faster than women. The average loss on this diet for women is 1 stone a month which is roughly 3lb a week. Although, one week you may loose 5 or 6 and the next only 1-2lb. The time of month will also affect your losses so jeep an eye on when that comes about and what your weight loss is, that will help you predict your future weight losses.

Pease don't worry too much. At the end of the day, as long as you are being 100% the weight will come off,

Good luck for this week x x