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Help. Worst week ever....

Ok, so it started last wednesday... I was at the Pink concert and had mucho beers and sweetie things, i had saved points before it and was up for saving points after so I still had a weight loss this week.... all went t*ts up on the thursday...... I ate chips, kebabs, more beer... more sweetie things and this has carried on until yesterday.... I have never been more disgusted with myself and I can actually feel weight on me, its that bad..... My weigh ins are on tuesdays and I was contemplating not going tomorrow and trying to claw my way back a bit for next weeks weigh in.... what you all think? Im so near my 6 stone off and I dont want to disappoint my leader.... why do I seem to press the self destruct button when Im doing so well and then it takes weeks to correct...today has been back to normal and I feel better for it but I feel fat and horrible after all the eating I did......any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!Gill
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First of all dont be feeling guilty - you are only human and we all have slips now and again.

My advise - and i have always done this - Go and get weighed !! I use to think - ah whats the point in paying to be told im up, but really its the best thing you can do. So what if your up 2 or 3 pounds, you know what weight you are tomorrow and you work from there. If you dont know what weight you are now how can you know for sure what you are down next week (iykwim)

Just go and get weighed and start fresh and you should see a weight loss next week

dont be too hard on yourself xxx

By the way -well done on your weight loss to date, you are doing fantastic !!!


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First, well done on your great loss so far. Now, try and draw a line under it, go class and get weighed( if you don't you might spend another week beating yourself up). We all have weeks, when no matter how we plan, just can't stick with it. Also if you go to class, you might not have put on what you think.
It's a lesson so you don't do it again but if you do your want to get back on track.... This weightloss thing is teaching us to lose weight slow keep it off and do maintance with a little blip here and there , it gies to pot as you know when we don't get back in track hey ;)

go to class be proud you did and forget the blip :) xx


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It happens to everyone. Go to class, get the weight and start a new week afresh.

You have lost so much weight all together that one gain won't undo all that good work. You should be sooo proud of yourself.

You can do this. Go to class. Face the news and take it head on on from tomorrow.

Good Luck and ((hugs))

Me x

p.s. what is (iykwim)???????
thanks for all support!! I bet Ill have put on about 5 lbs you no!! Im just scared of the dissapointment in my leaders face aswell.... she is always so supportive but she will want to kick me!! Like I want to kick myself!!!! Still unsure whether to go or not tonight though!!
Did you go to your weigh in? was it as bad as expected? I had a really bad week too but was suprised that I somehow still managed to lose! Just gotta remember the slip ups aren't good, but we are only human after all :)
well I didnt go but now im kicking myself because I am desperate to know what I weigh!!!! I should have listened to you all but pig headed gillian knows best!!! ahhhhh!!!!
well after feeling guilty yesterday about not going to my class, I found another class and went last night....... ready for it................. 7lbs on..... I mean come on, I know I was bad, but I was expecting no more that 5!!It seems that ever since I started ww, I gain weight as soon as I look at something naughty! Does anyone else find this?Well,m Ive drawn a line under the mess that was last week and have been super good since monday.... hope it pays off for next tuesdays weigh in!!!Am I the only person to have put on 7lbs in a week!!!????? Please tell me no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm a greedy pig
oh i am so greedy ..i once put on nearly a stone in a week while on holiday[i had being dieting strictly the few months before and had lost 2 stone and the shock of eating to my system really piled it on]

fair play to you for getting on track again..i never got back on track..hence why i am on here


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Um, the above post (I'm not putting your user name because you are not stupid) makes me so sad. You are so so hard on yourself.

It looks like you've just had a bad day and changed all your info to things that are horrible about yourself. I think we'll all have had moments of self doubt and hatred, but I want you to know that you shouldn't "talk" to yourself like that. It's not a way you would talk to anyone else.

I wanted to say something because I didn't want to ignore the post and the way you were feeling, but I also don't really know what to say.

I wish I could make you feel better. You deserve good things.

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