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Hi All,

This is my first week on the LLL programme and am really struggling due to it being Friday night when the main thing I look forward to is an ice cold glass of rose. I can't remember the last time I did without alcohol for this long and I'm finding it hard, especially when I have just dropped hubby off at the pub and am picking him up later. I think I may be in ketosis already but not noticed any significant weight loss and am 4 days in. My counsellor has just set up so I will only be weighed on Monday and won't get a full meeting until a week on Saturday. Looking for some support/ reassurance that this will be worthwhile. I am going to Thailand in 5wks and desperate to lose weight. Hubby not helping as he says I am fine the way I am and should just give up!!!!!

Any support would be hugely appreciated, thanks.

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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey hunnie , ive been on lll for 8 weeks and have lost 2 stone !
my loss is quite typical so hold on , its so worth it

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
the best thing you can do for yourself , is light some candles , run a bath and spend some quality 'me' time pampering yourself. its amazing that we all assosiate a treat to be food or drink based so often when in reality we are only harming ourselves. if i get a craving for a weekend tipple i just get a nice glass with ice and some lovely cold sparkling water , makes me feel like im having a treat without breaking my lite programme , you could also call a friend or read a book to distract yourself :D
mind you i did develop new 'habits' on ll too , i love having a hot chocolate made with 450ml hot water and a couple of sweetners all whizzed together with the choc food pack , and i love savouring that with my bar around this time at night , feels like my reward at the end of the night, it really is just all about creating new healthy habits that you can adopt , once you loose youre weight youll want to keep it off so any new healthy habits you develop are ones you want to adapt and carry into youre new way of life.​

sorry about the ramble , but it really is such a great programme with amazing losses if you follow it 100%. the support here on mini mins is second to none , and the big thing is that we have all been there so totally understand what youre going through.week 1 is a bit of a nightmare but youll come out of it and start to feel amazing in no time at all ,
good luck and keep posting
love sukie xxx​
Thanks so much for responding so quickly, needing the pick me up lol! I wasn't supposed to start the bars until tomorrow but had one tonight as something I was looking forward to on a Friday nite, peanut one was actually really nice. I think I am already in ketosis so hoping I've not slowed anything down. Well done you on your weight loss so far x
Hmmm, that sounds good!! By the way I don't have a blender and am finding when I try to make a hot drink with the chocolate packs I'm ending up with yeuchy bits. Do you think it would be worthwhile to invest in a blender of some sort or just buy the mini travel one from my meeting??? Thanks x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh go to tesco or wilkinsons and buy a hand blender , they are only about £5.00 and sooooo worth the money , it makes the shakes delicious. i love the banana made hot too with lots of water , :0)
Much better

Feeling much better now, the blender has made a huge difference to the soups and I also just had my first frothy coffee made with the vanilla pack. Survived my first weekend of no alcohol and here is to the next three........caus then I am off to Thailand for a wedding and backpacking. Here's hoping I manage to get as much weight off as poss by then. Whoop whoop......weigh in tomorrow will tell x


sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh so happy that youre feeling better hun.
the blender makes such a huge difference.
well done on ur first alcohol free week , its really just a habit we get into which is quite hard to break initially , but after a while you dont really miss it at all , at least i dont:D.
im sure id be able to put a few away whilst on my holls if i let myself :0)
well weel done on youre first week , its much easier from here on in , as long as you stick with it 100% its when you divert that you have to go through all those awefull 1st physical discomforts again, week 2 is so much better although psychologically it was almost harder until maybe half way through , now its just 'normal' ive gone onto the lite management module in prep for my holidays in a couple of weeks , cant wait , and im glad ill have week 3 and 4 of management to keep my on track :0)
well have a great week and any probs just post here and well all be happy to help xxx

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