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The Diet Guy
Hiya Rose

OK before you start cut right back on the carbs and start to up your water intake.

If you are struggling to get your head round SS then why not do 790 and have a little protein based evening meal, that way you still lose virtually the same amount of weight but you don't have the pschological state of not eating to deal with.

Then if you do 790 for a few weeks and decide you want to drop the meal then you are back in SS.



The Diet Guy
Check page 8 of your weight care book but effectively it would be something like an average chicken breast with some green and white vegetables, you can also have white fish, tofu, quorn, turkey, tuna etc.



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The other thing you could try, if you think that eating the meal will set you on a slippery slope is to have an extra pack, just till you get into the swing of things..
Hiya, I'm a big 790 fan...I think you'll find that a lot easier than SSing if your're struggling just now. Some days its just knowing that I can have my bit of real food at the end of the day that keeps me going. I stay in ketosis most of the time and feel that if I wanted to I could change to SS quite easily. I stay on 790 though as my hubby is doing it along with me and its nice to have a family meal but also because its so flexible. I'm meeting a friend for lunch today. I've chosen somewhere that I'm sure I'll be able to get a chicken salad and I feel quite confident that I can have my nice lunch and stick to the plan too.....Whether it works out like that or not...I'll tell you later lol..

Good Luck



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S: 12st11lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st13lb(7.26%)
I really sympathise, I'm really struggling to lose some holiday weight from a few months ago.

I went to see my CDC and she suggested SS for the potential 7lb loss in the first week and to be honest the thought of that is all that's keeping me going.

The other thing she suggested was keeping packs back for the evening and if it got tough having a bar in the evening. Tonight I'm having half a pack of soup, half a pack of banana made into a muffin with cinammon and then in the freezer already cut up is a bar. and the thought of 1/2 a stone by Monday!!

keeping a pack is the best thing, I'm 6ft so i had to go on to 4 packs and I found that having one at breakfast, a soup at lunch, another drink around 5.30/6 when i came home and then another one around 8/9 helped me with keeping myself happy in the evening.

Its a lot easier to be tempted by the fridge, in the lonely hours of the night!

I stayed on SS for 6 days, loosing 6pds and started 790 yesterday. Maybe if you can, try and stick SS out for a few days to give your body a detox from all the naughty food it may get!

Good luck

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