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Ohh, pizza! Can you busy yourself doing something else? Maybe have a look at some photos of you at the weight you want to be or do some online window shopping to remind yourself what you're going to achieve by not having that pizza?

The pizza will still be there when you've finished (well, not that particular pizza, but an identical one...)!

Good luck :)

Its greasy saturated fat that will clog up your arteries..... does that help?

You wouldn't want to undo all your good work, stay on here until they have all finished and washed up (so that you can't lick the plate)
I know what you mean, my lot are all tucking into chippy tea so I am on here sipping my chicken soup from a big cup (and feeling quite full now). I am only on day 3 so not yet in ketosis but it is really worth ignoring the smell and keeping strong. LT defo WORKS I promise.
thx guys, ive been on here looking at peoples weight losses, its took the edge off it. also just had a big glass of water to ease my hunger, having my last shake in a min and i think an early night is needed.
I know what you mean, my hubby has pizza every friday, and its sooooo hard to resist, i have to leave the room until he's finished, and come on here until the smell is gone!! be strong, the pizza is gone, but you're still losing weight!! :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done Jenny on not giving in...oh, it is so hard sometimes, but boy, you will waken up tomorrow feeling as high as a kite, cause you got through another day without straying!!!

You are doing so well and getting to your goal in lightening speed!!

Have a great day tomorrow.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jenny, well done on avoiding the temptation. Bet you feel great now.


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ohhh hun I know you want some but just remember that you dont want to eat it now and that the pizza will be there when you finish the diet. Try to keep yourself busy babes.
The smell of baked pizza turns me into a drooling zombie with no self control.

Ok, I know you're probably way over the craving now but when I'm faced with pizza my mind always takes me to the feeling on my lips after I had one. If its the delivery variety pizza I get this greasy feeling on my lips. In short, it is a horrible feeling - almost slimy, hard to wash off and doesn't smell or feel too great - and the thought of it has so far been able to keep me away from pizza.
thx guys, just what i needed to hear when feeling weak and finding it hard to resist. esp when hubby keeps saying 1 slice wont hurt. what would he know, hes one of those
annoying people that can eat anything and put no weight on. wish i could.
Ah that old, "one slice won't hurt" chestnut.

What people don't understand is that it can be so hard to stop with one slice :(

Reallty well done for not giving in to your temptations!
hi jenny

Well done on not giving in!!

We will all be tested, but sheer determination and focus can make us jump over these hurdles... well done on making it even further on your LT journey.... :)
Jenny your hubby sounds like mine! one slice wont hurt eating it but starting off all over again would. I have to say i am a pizza addict i just love them so i can imagine how hard it is for you but look what you done you went online and asked for support if you werent determined you would have ate it so...................WELL DONE FOR STAYING STRONG:D :clap:
when you get weighed in and all them lbs fall off the pizza wiill be a distant memory:)

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