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  1. emmie2726

    emmie2726 Yummy mummy wannabe!

    Oh my god, i just want to eat! Cant get rid of the urge. Drank loads and loads. Gonna have to have qnother shake or soup. :(
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  3. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Go out for a walk for a few minutes, a bit of time out might help you reset mentally!
  4. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    Are you drinking anything other than water?
    I have found that drinking green tea has helped me out loads. Its got a funny tate to it so i dont want to eat afterwards, although i enjoy the drink while im drinking it lol.

    If you drink lots and lots of water you'll feel too full to even want food.
    Find something to distract yourself, read a book, have a bath, do your nails, pamper yourself, clean or tidy etc. Sometimes i have even been for a drive to distract myself.

  5. emmie2726

    emmie2726 Yummy mummy wannabe!

    OK thankyou. My children have reminded me that i promised to take them swimming so i guess that will be a good distraction. Felt so positive ths morning too. Only on day 4 :(
  6. emmie2726

    emmie2726 Yummy mummy wannabe!

    I only drink water otr black coffee, maybe time to dig out the green tea from my cupboard for a bit of a change! Thanks for your advice and support xx
  7. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    Emmie - I find that if I start thinking about food - having a shower or washing my hair helps.
    Hope you feel more inspired soon!
  8. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Hi emmie

    Lots of black coffee seems to help me, which is strange as normally I love a nice cup of tea.
    These hungry momments do pass - I used to put some music on and have a little boogie, infact I have done that today.
    The important factor is to not give into the hunger, because it does evaporate and you wonder what on earth the problem was?!
    I think I might be getting some psychological hunger as my counsellor said that I should be able to go up to the 810 plan at my next weigh-in. Sometimes I have been affected by negative talk - when I did Lighterlife I got a telephone call from a friend during week one, who constantly went on about my diet being wrong (I wouldn't accept it and calmly stated why I and my doctor agreed that I should do a VLCD) and I should do Weightwatchers instead. It felt much harder to get through the evening after that discussion.
    So also get some inspiration here at minimins - have you looked at the inspiration slide show, I think I need another look for a 'top-up'.
    You will be fine- just think of the happiness you will feel at weigh-in x
  9. emmie2726

    emmie2726 Yummy mummy wannabe!

    Thanks guys, it thankfully passed and now im absolutely fine.I know what you mean Blingbabe about negative talk. I have had some of that, i now tend to keep it a secret about the diet but then i think that makes it worse! Almost as though if i am not open about it and willing to take negativity then it must be wrong to do in the first place. This site is amazing for support in emergencies like i had, although it wasnt really an emergency was it! Thanks again! xx
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