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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Are you drinking anything other than water?
I have found that drinking green tea has helped me out loads. Its got a funny tate to it so i dont want to eat afterwards, although i enjoy the drink while im drinking it lol.

If you drink lots and lots of water you'll feel too full to even want food.
Find something to distract yourself, read a book, have a bath, do your nails, pamper yourself, clean or tidy etc. Sometimes i have even been for a drive to distract myself.



Yummy mummy wannabe!
OK thankyou. My children have reminded me that i promised to take them swimming so i guess that will be a good distraction. Felt so positive ths morning too. Only on day 4 :(


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Emmie - I find that if I start thinking about food - having a shower or washing my hair helps.
Hope you feel more inspired soon!
Hi emmie

Lots of black coffee seems to help me, which is strange as normally I love a nice cup of tea.
These hungry momments do pass - I used to put some music on and have a little boogie, infact I have done that today.
The important factor is to not give into the hunger, because it does evaporate and you wonder what on earth the problem was?!
I think I might be getting some psychological hunger as my counsellor said that I should be able to go up to the 810 plan at my next weigh-in. Sometimes I have been affected by negative talk - when I did Lighterlife I got a telephone call from a friend during week one, who constantly went on about my diet being wrong (I wouldn't accept it and calmly stated why I and my doctor agreed that I should do a VLCD) and I should do Weightwatchers instead. It felt much harder to get through the evening after that discussion.
So also get some inspiration here at minimins - have you looked at the inspiration slide show, I think I need another look for a 'top-up'.
You will be fine- just think of the happiness you will feel at weigh-in x


Yummy mummy wannabe!
Thanks guys, it thankfully passed and now im absolutely fine.I know what you mean Blingbabe about negative talk. I have had some of that, i now tend to keep it a secret about the diet but then i think that makes it worse! Almost as though if i am not open about it and willing to take negativity then it must be wrong to do in the first place. This site is amazing for support in emergencies like i had, although it wasnt really an emergency was it! Thanks again! xx

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