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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb

Firstly, congratulations on the start of your diet journey.

Until you reach ketosis you do feel pretty lousy (usually day 4 or 5). The first week is the worst I promise you.

Take your usual headache remedy and drink plenty of water. You will need to find distractions so you don't think about the hunger - read a book, have a bath, go for a walk etc.

Good luck - I'm sure the scales will show the rewards at your first WI


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Yes, this often happens, but it will pass quickly. You'll probably feel heaps better tomorrow onwards. Just the carb withdrawal.

Take paracetamol. Drink lots of water.

The first few days are the hardest. Well done for getting to day 3 :)


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Well done for making it this far. Pop a paracetamol, drink, drink and drink as much water as you can, and stick with it. Promise you the first few days are the worst, and you will be thinking about food and dreaming about food. When you get into Ketosis it will get better. And in another 4 days you will be a whole week into it :)



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I'm only a few days in..........

....... but confirm that you will start to feel better from now onwards :) :) . I just concentrate on water, abd early nights - which is fine if your're at work all day - I find it soooooo much eaier to drink & folow SS Mon-Fri, dread Sat/Sun as its easier to falter and there's no point in doing that to have to feel crappy again after falling of the wagon.

Just take each day at a time, specially the first week.

Also come here as much as you can - the hours fly by which is naughty for me as I am at work.

Hang in there xxx
Hi Moni

Im on day 4, thought i was on day 3. Must have lost a day somewhere.

Yesterday i felt like that, i had the headache from hell and the water made me feel sick so i did the best thing and went to bed.

Today i feel great in ketosis and got a burst of energy. Just hope it lasts. I go to work at 8am and had 2 lots of washing done and on the line by then! believe me that is not normal for me.

So carry on and it will start to get easier.



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Hope that you are maybe feeling a little better. I remember in the 1st week when I felt lousey I took a couple of asprin and had a hours cat nap and always woke up feeling better, but Im lucky as I was able to do that.

Try and keep busy and keep drinking loads of water. It will pass and get easier.

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