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It's star week.... and it hitting me with avengence..... been good all week and only had around 3-4 syns a day so far this week some days less.... so the chocolate devil is out and and screaming at me to eat some.....
So my question to you my fellow SW friends... should i allow myself the chocolate as syns of course...... my mood is low and my cramps are bad, so do i have the chocolate or just go to bed, i have about 30 spare syns for this week so far, so i could allow myself this treat, what would you do, i only lost half pound on monday and am worried if i have chocolate that i won't have a loss on monday.........
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Mate, do it, have some chocolate. Your allowed up to 10 syns a day! 304 syns a day isnt really enough anyway xx
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You need to eat more syns!! Have some chocolate - maybe just a small one so you're not going over your syns, but enough to get a taste?


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Have it, and count it... if you crave for it and don't have it you are more likely to fall off the wagon.

Sarah.. up to 10 syns a day?? It's 15, surely?!
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You're allowed 5 to 15 syns a day, why would you not have chocolate in these circumstances ???!!!???


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S: 11st8lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st2lb(9.88%)
My C has said we can all have 10 syns max... :s
I think your Consultant is giving out incorrect information.
SW clearly states 5-15 syns. Some people may do better on less than 15 but the consultant should not say that all you can have is 10 syns max! It should be up to the individual.
I have always had 15 syns a day, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more and have done ok with that.
I did have one consultant who advised that she would go for 10 if it were up to her but it's up to us to decide.
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It's star week for me also and I had a terrible weekend. I ate tons of chocolate, went out on saturday night and drank wine and vodka, ate chips and stopped counting the syns! This carried over into Sunday and Monday. I can't believe I managed to stay the same weight at weigh in tonight.

I'm not advocating that you follow my example, but one small bar of chocolate isn't going to do any harm, especially since you haven't even used your full syn allowance any day. I like the small Cadbury bars (same size as a Wildlife bar) - only 4 syns.

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i have decided if you want it have it because as soon as you deny yourself something it becomes even more desirable. and when you eventualy give in it will become a binge fest have it get it out of the way and start again. trust me i denied myself a chcolate bar and ended up on a 3 week binge of anything and everything i have learnt that one chocolate bar compared to 3 weeks worth of crap is nothing lol like the others have said syns are there for a reason.

Mrs V

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My Consultant has told up that you can have between 5-15 syns a day, but most members prefer to have around the 10 syn mark....I have almost my 15 and still managed to loose 3lbs this week! If you crave chocolate and you have the syns there, go for it. Im on my * week too and certainly not depriving myself of anything sweet that I crave, but I also have more Green days too, as I want stodge!
u aint alone our c say 10 syns for women and 15 for men but i kind of like this as i stick to the 10 then if i have forgot to count something or have a little slipp i got the other 35 to play with :)
Thanks all, i did have some chocolate, 2 fudge bars, sent OH to buy them so i wouldn't be tempted to buy more, i was very satisfied and counted them in my sins

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