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i dont think so , as i was told when i mistakenly ate a few grains of rice u gotta eat a full meal to take yourself out of ketosis :p


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But you will have set yourself back a little, and mentally a lot. It's also cost you money.

Your choice. 100% and do it quick or play around and be here for ages wasting time and money.

Best thing is to forget about it and move on. Tomorrow is another day and do it properly this time.


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whilst it may not make a difference on the scales, it may do if you do it again as you start to see just how much you can get away with. 100% abstinence is the best way to do this, psychologically if nothing else. Plus, the odd nibble here and there just slows things down. Best to stick to it and know you've done everything you can.
Don't do it again! (said in my Mum voice lol)


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Coming from someone who knows !! It will just make your journey sook much harder if u nibble. One thing leads to another. For example me and another lighter lifer on here peony, started at the same time. She has remained completely abstenant and has lost nearly 9 stone. She is in size 10 bottoms now!! I have had a turbulent journey and have lost just over 7 stone. If I had stuck to it, I would be pretty much finished now, instead I have another 2 and half stone to lose and it's getting harder. Please...do your best not to do it again x


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DON'T nibble....as another speaking from experience it's a slippery slope....this week 3 biscuits didn't affect the scales, next week you may think "I'll have a wee bit more" and so on...NOT good and soul destroying.

Stick to the plan 100% abstinence, and you'll be at goal in no time.


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Also it is better not to think in extremes. A small lapse doesn't mean it's all gone wrong, just shrug it off and get back to abstinence.

I'd say we all do it but there may be some people who haven't. I expect that the vast majority of us have lapsed a bit (or a lot) at some point.
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Hi Vicki
3 plain biscuits isn't the end of the world - but ask yourself WHY?What made you do it? :):):)
Maybe write a thought log of what you were thinking at the time and how you felt after it.
The only way that LL will really work is if you are totally committed to it and your head is in the right place. If that's not the case you need to analyse your motivation and reason for choosing what is an extreme programme of weight loss.
Other people on here who know me will guess what I'm going to say (sorry to be boring!)
I don't look on LL as a "DIET". I see it as a total re-evaluation of who i am, how I relate to the world and it to me.
My weight/food issues are just part of that journey.
Good luck with yours.


I too have struggled this week and had a couple of rich tea biscuits, knew it was not what I wanted to do but had another one, it did feel could to eat a plain biscuit and today is even harder not to pick, I keep telling myself I must be strong as I want good results when I weigh in on Wednesday. It does help just typing away on here, - sorry everyone that you have to read this!!