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Hi everyone,

This is my 15th day on lipotrim... first 5 days i lost 7 pounds and a week later i only lost 4 pounds.

Do you think there is any reason it was sooo low the second week?? Is that normal?? As i've seen other people to lose about 6 pounds-ish in the second week?? I have been having these mints, as they are sugar free and somebody in the pharmacy said they were okay... do you think that maybe slowing down my weightloss?

Thanks xx
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OMG 4 lb is not sooo low .. its a great loss !!! However you should not be having ANY mints .. sugar free or not , the only things you can have are listerine mint strips and these are only available from america on e bay now , it may well be effecting your loss !


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i lost 4lb most weeks.that seemed to be 'my' number.
at first i wanted to know why others lost more even when they were lighter than me but those 4lbs add up to a huge number in the end.
i don't think there is anything you can do.your body will only lose what it wants to.
also losing 4lb not 6lbs each week gives you a chance to tone up.
keep it up hun x


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oh and agree.defo no mints or anything.
only have what the bag says x
Thanks, i thought as much! I will stop now :)
don't want to slow it down anymore and i guess it isn't such a bad weight loss. just wondered if other people lost more on the 2nd week.

Thanks so much for your help!! :D xx
Yes thanks tafflass, i will be defo throwing these mints away. Gargling listorine will have to do ;)

you've done really well hun and thanks for the motivation. hopefully a stone will gone next weigh in :D xxx
yeah bit undeccisive about the mint thing, i may just have a sneaky one when i'm not at house and its really bad. just been drinking lots of water so it takes the taste away :p

3 or 4 weeks to go, and then healthy eating time. hoping to have lost nearly 2 stone by then :/ xxx


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will fess up to using a breath spray.lifesaver!
only started using it about 2 months in and losses were the same as before so don't think it done any harm x


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4lbs is a GREAT loss - someone posted a picture of what 1lb of fat looked like a few weeks back, can't remember in which post now, but I remember looking at it and thinking "never again will I complain about only losing 1lb" - it was gross and I was shocked at how big it was!


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4lbs is amazing!!

I know what you mean though. That first week is like a high and anything lower doesnt seem as good. But just think what it would be on an average lo cal diet. It would never be 4lbs.

To keep myself motivated I've started filling up the empty bottles of water I drink with tap water. I have highland spring and a full 1.5ltr bottle weighs about 3lbs (give or take) So I've filled them up and stacked them in my kitchen so I can "see" what I've lost.

it's quite effective when you think you were carrying all that around with you. I walked around holding that bottle of 3lbs (must be mad!!) and it made me "feel" what that extra weight was.

I lost 3lbs in my second week and have to admit I was deflated when I came out. But perhaps that's just my competitive side of me !!! I went home and filled up another bottle and realised that 3lbs is pretty heavy and I'm glad to not be carrying that around anymore!!
thanks crunchyfrog, i suppose when you look at it like that it is quite alot. i just need to stay motivated now :) thanks!! only staying on it for another 3 weeks, hoping to have lost nearly 2 stone in total by then, would mean i would have been on it for 6 weeks. so fingers crossed xx


Back on the diet train...
hey hun 4lb is a great loss. my mum wen she first did this diet lost 6lb then 3lb after that.

the diet says u will lose up to a stone a month, the body is a strange thing so u could lose 4lb this time and 6lb next but aslong as u losin it hun thats the main thing.

plus u av to admit it beats 1/2lb at WW etc. lol

good luck. :)


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Just look at it this way - you've lost 4 of these:

That the piccy you meant Dunders? :)


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aye not long to go :) p.s just looked at your facebook, and judging by that pic, I'd say you don't need LT in the first place! lol
ahh thanks, i'm not HUUUGEEE but it'll make me feel better.
especially because i've got my 21st in 10 weeks, benidorm in 14 weeks and then egypt in november!! so will give me much more confidence :) x