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Can anyone give me some advice?!
I have been following the plan for a while - tonight was my 4th weigh in. I lost 8lb the first week, 1lb 2nd wk and 4lb 3rd week...this week I put on 1 1/2 lb :eek:.
I followed the plan to the letter - honestly I really, really have - it is not my TOM, I haven't done anything different from the other weeks, not taken any medication blah blah..the WW leader (not the normal lady we have)was just like...well you must have over eaten - I know I did not go over my points. What am I doing wrong? I know it is stupid, but I am devastated!:mad: Any advice will be gratefullt received!
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I'd say if youve followed the plan to the letter and stuck to your points that the gain is water retention. Are you drinking enough water love? And poo to the stupid WW leader - silly cow shouldnt have said that. Dont worry about her! Thankfully shes not the normal leader. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and keep doing what youre doing - you'll lose the gain in no time!


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it could still be related to TOTM not everyone retains water the exact week of their period it could be the week before or even two weeks before, mark this on a calender and see if it happens again in 4 weeks time... they even say that women who've been through the menopause and no longer have TOTM can have water retention at the same time each month.

Are you weighing and measuring correctly? not guesstimating?

Draw a line under it and continue on, you've had some fab losses so far :D


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As with all diet changes - quite often they result in water loss/retention. It could be that you lost a lot of water in the first couple of weeks and your body is starting to rebalance a little bit? Or that you are now retaining some water?

I would ignore your leader - everyone's weight fluctuates now and then. You will likely find that this 'gain' which probably isn't a real 'gain' anyway, will be gone next week chick.
ty so much for your help...am just sticking to plan and have been to holland and barrett for water tablet ....fingers crossed for good week this week! x
That has happened to me a few times since I started the ww diet, and I know how disheartening it is, when you stick to the diet a 100% and you lose nothing, but dont give up, i didnt and the following week I had a good weight loss,
Great news! WI today and lost 6lb....woohoo!! An another silver 7 - you were all right - I was worrying over nothing! I am delighted - that's 17 1/2lb in 6 weeks!
well done thats fab!

I was going to say water too lol! I have a gain every 3-4 weeks:( but then smash it off the following week:D

17 1/2 lb in 6 weeks:eek::D thats brilliant!


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Well done, that's an amazing loss! Just proves you should always average out your weight loss rather than worry about the scales every week. Mind you, I'm exactly the same when I don't lose as much as I think I should.

You did great. Well done x
Congratulations on your weight loss, I knew you would have a big weight loss this week, and I'd say your are delighted that you stayed on the diet. Never give up you will get there in the end.

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