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Hi all,

Well, as you might see from my history, I've not been around for a loooooong time. :wave_cry:

So here's an update. I started this journey a year ago at 13'11. I was good as gold for a few months, then took a few weeks off, then restarted (note to newbies - please try not to take a break as it's hard to get back into it!!:sigh: ) and stopped and started, and, well you get the picture!

The good news is that I've maintained a 3stone+ loss almost a year on, and am a steady 10'6 with my lowest being 10'3 a month back.

My BMI is 25.7, I am in a size 12 (something I never would have even dared to dream of), and yet I feel miserable, and every time I go up a pound I feel a complete failure until it's gone again. I look at myself and feel huge, which I know that I can't be as I'm slimmer than I've been since I was about 18 (I'm now nearly 33!) - I don't know what's wrong with me.

I come on here a lot and read about everyone, and feel proud of how you all do, but I feel ashamed to post myself as I'm not doing CD properly anymore. Ideally I would like to get to 9stone which would put me bang in the middle of my ideal weight - I'm 5'3 so should be 8-10stone. If that's not achievable, the least I would like to lose is 6lbs to take me to 10stone, or the top of my ideal weight category.

What annoys me is that when I did this originally, I took so much pride following CD religiously, and I even enjoyed going out and drinking water (and watching everyone else get drunk!! ;) ) and I felt so much better for it. I loved my ketostix, I loved watching the pounds drop off, I loved the control, and I felt fantastic. Now I'm annoyed with myself because I know this diet works, I know it makes you feel great (even if you do have to p every 10 mins!) and I still 'enjoy' drinking 3-4 litres a day, but I've turned into a lazy so and so. I can't stick to SS for more than 2 days before I get tempted to the pub or out for a meal, or eat a cookie in the office. ARGH!!! :banghead: I'm going to the gym now, and do classes around 4 times a week, yet this lunch I was in Millie's Cookies and bought 3 huge super gourmet (ie super fattening) cookies. I ate a whole one, then a half of another, then realised I wasn't enjoying it, didn't need it, and felt so guilty that I threw them away. Now I'm frantically drinking green tea and water in the vain hope of flushing them out, and I've promised myself (AGAIN!) that I won't go to the pub after work, but will go home, go to the gym, and have a soup for dinner.

I think I need help! I don't know what to do, I'm a mess. I know I shouldn't be so angry with myself as I do realise that I've done well to get here at all and keep within 3lbs of where I finished, but I'm so blinkin disappointed with my lack of willpower, and I just want to lose a minimum of 6lbs and a maximum of 20lbs. 6lbs and I'd be happy, and that probably wouldn't take long, but I can't seem to do it without giving in.

Apologies to those who have made it to the end of this loooong essay! :wave_cry:

D xx
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Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Awww bless ya hun...... Focus on how well you HAVE done. I really understand where you are coming from it is much harder returning to CD, with not as much weight to lose the positive vibes are not as strong.

Hang in there hun you know it works & you can do it....

Good luck xxx


Gold Member
Hi Daisy - WELL DONE on maintaining your 3Stone + LOSS !!

That is absolutely FAB :D :D

So....you want to lose another wee bit....course you can do it !!!

Try to focus on what you HAVE achieved...not on what you still need to do ! maybe you could try to lose the last wee bit on something other than CD...especially if your BMI is sitting at 25 !

keep popping on here....start a diary....record EVERYTHING that you eat...and we'll be here to kick you B.T.M. when you need it !!

look forward to hearing more about your success !!


Thanks for that, I know you're right, but I just can't seem to make myself believe it!

You've done fantastically well though - I wish I had the stamina to just buckle down and get on with it. I've just worked out that I've lost 47lbs, which is 24% of my body weight. But if I could just get to 10stone, that would be nearly 27.5%.

Does anyone do CD 790? I'm thinking that might be a better option so I can feel I'm still eating, but then again I think if I just get on with it I could be finished in no time and done for good. Well, until any peky pounds creep on!

By the way, I just wanted to say to any newbies reading this that I'm sorry if I'm coming across as negative in any way. CD is a fantastic diet - once you've passed 3-7 days you're plain sailing and it's really enjoyable. The control you feel and the speed of the results are amazing, and you also feel a lot better both physically and psychologically as you start to wake up early feeling wide awake and full of energy, as you start to get used to the (vast!) quantities of liquid and so can go 3 feet without needing the loo, and so many other benefits that I can't list here.

My advice to anyone doing CD (or any other SS) is to do it, and stick to it. If you're like me and have tried every single other diet out there, then know that this honestly works!!! But once you fall off the wagon it gets harder and harder to get back on it. Believe me! I've fallen off about half a dozen times, and it gets worse each time!

As I'm finding now ... :break_diet:
Thanks Debz, and thanks for the promise of a kick up the jacksie, that's what I need!! :D

I will start a thread, and keep it up to date. This has to be for me, I know that.

My brain can't really keep up with what's happened to my body. It's funny because I feel much more self-conscious now than I did at almost 14stone. Then, I was happy being the larger than life person, the life and soul of the party, the happy go lucky person. But that was all on the surface. Now, as I said, I'm a size 12 and 'normal' I feel bigger than I was before.

That's it, I'm off to find a psychiatrist! :psiholog:

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hi Daisy

I'm gonna be speaking to my CDC tomrrow about moving to 790, i think for me this is gonna be a better option. Good luck with which ever you choose....xxx
Thank you - I'm just doing my ticker and preparing myself to start again. I need to commit myself to getting involved on here, otherwise nobody will keep a track and I'll just keep kidding myself!

Good luck to you too Mandi, and let us know how you get on with 790 as I'd be interested to see if the losses are similar.

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