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Help! Fresh hot delicious pizza has just been delivered to the office as a treat! Aaaaaaa!!
I cannot give in. I already went over a point last night and I'm going out for dinner tonight. And I could hit two stone loss on Saturday if I lose half a pound.
But sitting munching on my carrots is just not working. I can't even leave for a walk as I'd have to walk past the pizza! Aaaaaaaaaa!!
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you can do it, just imagine it's all your worst flavours...won't be quite so tempting then!

then just think how much better you'll feel when you don't eat any!


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Don't give in to the pizza, think about reaching your 2st loss at weigh in, that will feel much better than the pizza. Walk past it and go for a walk huni, guaranteed you will feel great about resisting it xxxx
Thanks so much guys :) I managed to resist and even took a quick walk instead, then munched some more on my carrots :)
Now I can relax and enjoy dinner tonight. well... as much as one can relax for a first date :/


hoping for a good loss
Oooh, first date....have a great time.

Well done on resisting the pizza
Well done

Well done on resisting the pizza. It's someone's 21st here today and she broughts several tarts and cakes and plonked a plate with a slice of baked custard tart on my table.:eek: Tried to resist but ended up just eating the filling and throwing the pie crust away it was a very small piece so I can make up for it later but feeling very guilty now, so well done to you for the willpower.:worthy:
Oh if it had been right in front of me I wouldn't have managed to resist! I only succeeded cos it was down the corridor a bit! Last week somebody put a steak pie down on my desk infront of me and it was gone in minutes!!


hoping for a good loss
Steak pies are very bad for making you eat them lol

So tell all, how was the date?
I know, mean steak pies!
Thanks for asking, it was really nice :) I'm not sure it will go anywhere but I felt good about myself and I felt thin(ish) and sexy, and it's been a long time since I felt that way :) I'm not really ready for anything anyway as I'm still not totally over my ex, so this was more about me just feeling good about myself. Which I did!!
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