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  1. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    hi everyone
    i am new hear and as you might see have replied to a thread instead of starting new one!!!!
    Just wanted to know if i can get lipotrim from doctors as no chemist near me do the programme, was due to go to meeting about lighterlife next week but this sounds similar and less expensive...... so need to lose weight .
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  3. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hi Dol

    As far as I know you can't get Lipotrim from the doctor but i could be wrong.

    have you looked in the Cambridge Diet. Its about the same price as Lipotrim and has much more variety packs wise??

    You can phone the cambridge office and tell them where you live and they will give you a list of Cousellors in your area. would this be of interest to you??

    just a quick note on how it works... you go to see your Counsellor (also known as CDC Cambridge Diet Counsellor) as often as you arrange with them normally every week and you get to have a chat about how your week went and then get weighed, measured and collect your packs for the next week.

    if you need any more info just shout!!

    Well done on making the first step towards slimdom!!

    Gen xx
  4. dol7247

    dol7247 Full Member

    thanks for replying. I did look at the cambridge diet but not in depth. Is it expensive? Are the results as good and as fast as on lipotrim .
  5. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Hiya as far as i know its very similar in price to lipotrim, i'm in ireland and it was €10 cheaper but i'm not sure in the uk. And yes the results are the same, in fact in my case better!!! I did Lipotrim for a few weeks and then CD so have experienced both and while Lipotrim was very do-able CD is by far the better option if you can at all get it!!

    Gen xx
  6. goldgranny

    goldgranny Member

    Hi there,
    I am into my third week on Lipotrim and doing it through my gp.
    I go each week, get weighed, bp taken and pick up the lipotrim which is posted directly to the surgery.
    I've lost 17.lbs which I am delighted with, but I am still finding it sooooo hard, must be terribley weakwilled or something!:confused: It was actually my gp who suggested I give it a try. My 'plan' is to do this for a month, we are then going away for 5 days, then go on to the cambridge which sounds lots more flexible. I've been out for days this week, and I found it so awkward, so I didn't anything until I got home because of the mixing of the shakes, fine while your home or at work.
    Everyone has a different slant on things though.
  7. Mini

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    Hi Anne-marie,

    Did you find it easy to get it from your doctor and was he/she already doing it for others? Just curious as some people are far away from their local chemist and it would be good to have this information for them.

    Your not weak willed...this diet is hard, so well done for doing it and sticking with it, it shows how determined you are to shift the weight and that you do have marvellous will power.

    Like most of us who do a vlcd we have already tried every diet under the sun...

    We know that the wieght issue is more complex than just cutting down on calories.

    Lipotrim works very well but when you are on it for a long time it does tend to get boring I was on it for seven months.

    I switched over to CD and it suits me as I have been slipping and sliding but getting there and I do hope to be at goal for Chirstmas...I am saying now that this is my Christmas Present to myself:D Along with all the new clothes I am going to buy:D :D :D

    Love Mini xxx
  8. Libbie

    Libbie Silver Member

    Have not tried Lipotrim, have been doing CD since Jan and it works for me,
    Hope you get sorted.Let us know how it goes.
    Love Libbie x
  9. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    If you were seriously considering LT then go with CD which is similar but with far more flavours and programmes to follow.

    No point in doing LL if you don't think you need the group counselling because LL works out at over £30 dearer a week which is a lot to pay for something you don't want. ;)
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