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That mars bar aint love..
Ok so i weighed (my friend told me not to but i did) - Nothing no weight gain but no signifficant loss?! i was wondering if i pose my meal plans on here for a few days if i could have some help from you guys?!

I feel ive been doing it right, however there could be a few things...
Diet coke - one can a day
Low cal Squash - I drink that instead of water
Pork scratchings - nil trace of carbs

Im also wondering is it because im a tad constipated - i havent gone for 3 days...(sorry!)

Ok so here it is...

B: 3 x egg cheese and butter one small mushroom omlette.

L: One can of tuna chunks mixed with 2x tblsp of full fat mayonaise.

D: Steak with 2 small mushrooms and full fat mayo

Snax: small cubed cheese with 8 small olives 1/2 packet of pork scratchings with nil carbohydrates.

How does this look? i think tomorrow i am going to cut the diet coke (ill be climbing the walls and squash just drink water - BORING!!)

Let me know what you think! thanks in advance guys! XX
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Hi & welcome :D
Try coke zero, no critic acid in it.
I don't know about the squash sorry, I love water :)
& I know Jim will tell you off for not having green leafy veg!! This & lots of water should help with the 'loo' problem, lol.

When did you start Atkins?
Coke Zero actually has citric acid subtley disguised as E331 (sodium citrate). ;)


That mars bar aint love..
Ive been doing it for 6 days...But im classing today as my fourth day as i got drunk sunday...whoops! but im banning drink now for the two weeks!
Ok so more greens... TBH i think im just going to cut the diet drinks out for this time as painful as it will be :( I really want this diet to work for me so am willing to sacrifice!


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This has been posted before & someone with far greater chemistry knowledge than me, lol (sorry I can't remember who :)) said that isn't actually critic acid. It's technically something else :)
Fairy nuff, Sharon. I just avoid it because of the aspartame now. :)


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Just a thought but low cal squash could be full of sugar. Low cal generally doesn't mean low carb xxx
I'm not surprised your blocked if you haven't been eating your green leafy veggie Leanne.


Yummy mummy to be!
Greens, greens, make you *art, the more you eat the more you *art, the more you *art the better you feel so lets have greens for every meal!!!!

A classic re written!


Clean green leafy machine
LMAO Bren And Zim


That mars bar aint love..
HAHAHAHA!! ok well i still havent... so! Im going to take a 'gentle' laxative LOL!
and eat more greens in future!! Pah! oh dear oh dear! Feeling VERY bloated!!!

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