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Red Days Help

I have just started this diet and am soo desperate to loose a stone in 4 weeks but want to start of doing it right would to get to me first weigh in next Sat to find I stayed the same or put on.

I have chosen to do mostly red days as lots of carbs bloat me.

Will I get the same results if I cut out bread/pasta and processed food. But will I feel hungry just eating meat and veg any ideas / tips all welcome thank you
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It's not advisable to cut out any food groups, as your body requires them for a healthy balanced diet - and it won't have any difference on your losses anyway.

If you want to give your weight loss the best chance you can, focus on superfree food and load up on this during meal times and as snacks, make sure you have your healthy extras, and make sure you have your syns. If you don't have your syns you've got nowhere to cut back on later should you need to, and there are so many people on here who thought cutting syns would give them better losses, but found it actually slowed it down.

Exercise can give your losses a boost too, so depending on what you do already, maybe factor a walk into your day.

Good luck, i'm sure you'll be fine on this diet - I love it!


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I do red days because I also feel like too many carbs slow down my losses. However, you can still have pasta, potatoes etc on red as a Hex B, or synned. Like you, I feel like there's something missing from my meal if it's just meat and veg, so using my Hex B on carbs allows me to have enough just to fill me up, but still not so much that it bloats me or affects my losses.
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Just a note to say that rice is not a HEB on a red day because it doesn't have enough fibre in it - not even the brown rice :(

Also to the OP, why the desprate need to lose the weight in a month? I'm sure it took longer than that to put on and it may well take longer to come off again. It just feels like you are setting yourself up to be disappointed if you don't lose the full stone instead of celebrating any losses you do have. Much better to take a longer term view as this is no a plan you do to get to target and then stop :)
Thanks for your comments, very kind of you all to reply. I will use my HEB for carbs that way I'll feel fulller. I have eaten so much fruit and veg today from my superfree list, I think this diet is going to cost a fortune lol. I'm planning on making a quiche tmrw to have in the fridge to snack on, any other ideas for snacks thats not fruit or veg are welcome.

As for syns my body has had soo many over the last few weeks that it shouldn't need anymore lol. I'm trying to cut biscuits and sweets out for the next three days which will hopefully stop my sugar cravings instead will use the syns for salad dressings/ butter etc. This will be ok won't it?
You can use the syns on whatever you want, the important thing is to make sure you're having them - doesn't matter what they are!

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