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Well it's all a bit emotional it's my 5th time starting this diet never get past four days! All I think is food food and more food! But this time I'm determined Mexico and my 26th birthday C'MON ME How's everyone doing with the Cambridge positive thoughts are really needed xx
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Day 4 is one of the hardest. Push past that and you'll be fine. Ketosis will help as well. Just take yourself off to bed early and drink lots of water. You can make it to day 5 and beyond
You can!!!x
Thank you chele! How are u finding it??? I know there's so much potential on this diet to take my 13 .6 frame down to 11st but I think it's the will power. I know why I'm doing it but my habits of eating crates off food just always win! So I'm gearing myself up for Monday and I'm determined to go 12weeks!!! X
day 3 and 4 are hard cause you just feel hungry. why not add some 'allowed' protein that day and do ss+ just to get through, or have an extra pack and milk as the 2nd ss+ option? remember distraction and drink the water if you feel like eating.
hey , Day 3 and 4 are always the hardest , if you know that you struggle with day 4 try and plan for it ... arrange to do something all day to keep yourself distracted , then have an eary night ! Like chele says , push past day 4 and you really will be flying :)

You have determination and you seem positive so you have all the tools you need to succeed on CD :)

Good luck
Thank you great things! I always think if I have that small bit of protein I'm just going to start grabbing more and more food! :( ....I really hope I can do it this time

How many weeks have you all done and please tell me it's worth it??? Xxx
Awwww thank u for that message determinator! I don't want failure to be an option anymore! Think I'm just at that point where I think all the love handles have to go :)

I'm hoping because I'm working full time now that will keep me occupied! It's only when boredom strikes is when food strikes!!! Xx :)
All my stats are in my ticker. I look back at what I've achieved and I'm so proud of myself

And one of the things that keeps me going now is seeing how quick time has gone. I started 4 months ago, have lost 4 stone but it's all one blur now
You'll look back at what you've achieved with a sense of pride

It's just a few months of hard work but it'll change the rest of your life!!!


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You can do it!!
I found day 4 and 5 hard and I had an ss+ meal on day 4. I still lost 12lb last week (my first week) but think I might have caved if hadn't had that meal. Everyone is different though.
You need to focus so hard on this diet and I find it takes all of my strength to say no to things - but I've reached a point where I know I just cant continue on the path of overeating anymore!!

Good Luck and keep popping on here - I find reading the success stories a real motivation.
uv already had some excellent advice so not much i can add but just think how proud of yourself ul be to reach day 5, and that will help u through to day 6 and so on. once your past those tough days ul be fine :) good luck and i look forward to seeing u reach past day 4 x
Thank you Sarah- Louise

So much positive vibes its un real I really think I can do it Im seriously starting to think I can start tomorrow instead of saturday

Thank you all

Im new to mini mins love the trackor that you all have you all have done amazingly well its really inspirational :):):)

Whoop whoop!! You can do it honey! Like all the girls have said once you pass day 4 and 5 you find that you don't even want to eat because if you do it means going back to day 1 again!!

You can do it my babe, I have every faith in you :)

Just think, when we are in Mexico how HOT the holiday snaps will look! Hahaha

Love you chick xxxxxx
Thank u kel!! Where wud I be without u! Ur so inspirational babe!!

I know I can do it with all yours and everyones support!!!

Roll on cancun and Roll off weight :) :)

Luv u bestie! X
Thank you mrsN

U are so right you have to be seriously mentally sound for this diet!! Today I'm just getting my head rite and doing A LOT of talking to myself and there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to do this!!!

Congratulations! Week1 and 12lbs!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!

I hope this time next week I can give u the same news xx
CandyNotWhale said:
Thank u kel!! Where wud I be without u! Ur so inspirational babe!!

I know I can do it with all yours and everyones support!!!

Roll on cancun and Roll off weight :) :)

Luv u bestie! X
We can inspire each other babe :)

Onwards and downwards baby!! Haha xxxxx
That's amazing :) :)

Glad there Is someone who's attempted it as many times as me!! Well done yummymummy!!!!

I'm starting to think this is it I have a good feeling not like the other 4 times!! Lol xxx

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