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Hi everyone, I used to do SWin 2008/2009 and lost 3 stone pretty quickly and really got in to the SW way. During 2010 i put on about half of the weight lost but based my meals usually around SW. I have been back on SW since beg of Jan and am just not really loosing :-( I dont think im doing anything differently to last time when my losses were usually 3 or 4lbs a week this time its more like half a lbs or ss. I am due to have IVF on the NHS and they wont do it until my BMI is 30 or less so I feel I have added pressure to get some weight off asap. Im going to post my food diarys so any help well be really appreciated. :D I do red and green days.
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Hippety Hop!
Hi Nelly, That's a real pressure on you sweetie, and not condusive to losing weight.
Like a lot of things any stress or angst can make the body hold onto everything as a crisis mechanism. Hope you will keep posting and I know there will be lots of people who will offer you help, support and advice.
I will be eager to see how you are progressing and hope your dreams of being a parent will come true.

Take care and all the very best to you...:)
Thank you very much for your reply, its nice to be honest about my situation as in my every day life there arnt many people who know about the fertility struggles. Thanks again. x
Red Day Sat 12th March

(B) Bacon and eggs fried in fry light
(S) Banana and fridge raiders (3 syns )
(L) Prawn and Mango salad from SW mag
(S) X2 Chicken legs with skin on (4 syns??)
(D) X4 Ryvita (HEB) ham x4 Laughing cow light (HEA) cherry toms and low fat cottage cheese
(S) x2 choc weetabix (HEB +2 SYNS) Milk (HEA)
Total syns 9

Not a bad day but have been really hungry all day today... half an hour of aerobics this morning
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Hippety Hop!
Just a thought Nelly, but have you considered asking the question about what to do about the hunger pangs on the "SW Off Topic" section?
Better to see if you can get some advice rather than leave it and then perhaps cave in!!..:D

Onwards and Downwards!!...:)
I will have a good look around the site for tips, just trying to find my way around :eek:

Green day

(B) x2 fried eggs on toast (HEB)
(S) Mango
(L) Tom and Herb Mugshot & French Fry crisps (4.5 syns)
(D) SW chips, Beans and x3 tesco meat free burgers (3?)
(S) x2 alpen light bars

Syns 11.5
Red day:

(B) x2 Alpen light apple and sultana (HEB)
(S) Muller light mandrine
(L) King prawn and Mango salad, 3x babybell light (HEA)
(D) Pork chops and spinach
(S) Choc weetabix (HEB) + 2 SYNS

Extras 2 Thorntons chocolates = 8 syns????
Total syns 10
Tuesday 15th (My birthday)

(B) Muller light
Chocolate cake
(L) Mug shot, Mango
More chocolate cake!!!
(D) Chinese meal- Lemon chicken, sweet and sour chicken, rice, stir fry veg, Beef in black bean sauce
Ribs and prawn toast
Lindor Chocolates (about 8)

Dont even know where to start counting the syns - so will just start fresh today:confused:
Doesn't sound like your doing anything wrong. Maybe try a little more variety? Or check portion size. You can't gain with free food, but it may slow your losses down. Also give super free foods a go.

I have all the advise, but can't do it myself. I was in the same boat inasmuch you so moved on to rosemary conley in jan. Some times a change is needed.

Hope you get a good loss and happy birthday.
Thanks Rebecca. I was thinking that I may need to change diets which makes me really sad as I love SW. Will give it another month or so of really sticking to it and writing everything down.
Happy Birthday for yesterday Nelly!!!..:553: ...Sorry it's a bit late.

Think it would be wise to stick with it especially as you say you are keeping a note of your intake, bound to start working soon. Don't give up, takes a little while sometimes.. patience is a virtue...:D

All the best to you...:)
Weds 16th
Red day

(B) Mullerlight, plumb tomatos
(S) 3 babybell light (HEA)
(L) King prawns, Ryvita minis (HEB)
(D) Chicken, jacket pot (HEB) and heinz spaggeti
Milk for tea (HEA)
Birthday chocolates! 20 syns! :sigh:

Thursday 17th
Red day / turned in to extra easy?

(B) Plumb toms, 1 Alpen light bar (3 syns)
(L) Chicken and Ham
Muller light
(D) Chicken, bacon and mushroom risoto

Will have some weetabix in a bit for HEA and HEB
Thank you Emmaline for your birthday wishes, had a great time but am glad to be back on track after all the eating!
Am feeling quite positive although the scales havent changed in the last few weeks I have had quite a few compliments on my weight loss and i am seeing that my figure is changing, very pleased! :D
Am struggling today, work is really quiet and cant stop thinking about food. Plus almost my totm and just want to eat everything I can :eek:
Dont know what type of day today is going to be as not sure what im having for tea.

(B) X2 Alpen light apple and sultana (HEB) and some Melon
(S) X3 Babybell lights (HEA)
(L) Sushi (3 Syns) Velvet crunch pot snacks (4 Syns)

I made the SW Quiche last night and havent tried it yet so will look forward to having a slice when I get home :) It looks really good but not sure about it as not a big fan of cottage cheese (apart from the pineapple one, thats lovely)

Update. (S) Slimming world quiche
(D) X2 meat free burgers (2 syns) and SW Chips,
Muller light
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Keep up the good work, you can do it. I always fine green days were better when it was totm.
Hi Nellylou,
So how was the quiche? Hope you liked it! We live on it at our house, but instead of doing it as one big quiche my sw c suggested using muffin moulds. I just whisk 6 eggs up, mix in a tub of ff cottage cheese, add salt and pepper, and whatever else takes my fancy (cooked bacon, onions, mushrooms, peppers, ham, tin of mixed veg...), and pour it into the moulds and cook for about 20mins or so. They are great when u get the munchies, and they freeze well too.
I used to do red and green days on the previous times I did SW and always did very well. However this time I am trying mainly ee and I'm totally amazed at how flexible it is! I'm never hungry, and I do love my food! :17729: Well done on posting your food diaries and on being so honest too! Hope you start getting the losses you deserve REALLY soon :cross: Keep in touch x
Got up all positive today, the sun is shining, boyfriend is working today so day to myself (Yay!) did 30 mins of aerobics and had my breakfast.

(B) x2 fried eggs on toast (frylight) HEB
Tom sauce - 2 yns

Am going to meet a friend for lunch and will prob go to Weatherspoons as their warm chicken and bacon salad is yummy, I just ask for honey and mustard dressing on the side instead of smeared all over it. Then meeting my bf and we are going to my sisters, think they will get a takeaway but I will take my sw quiche and some fruit and a muller (thats the plan anyway) will update later
Enjoy the sun!!! :D

p.s Skinnydawn, thank you for your message and the quiche was lovely!!! even the bf liked it and he claims to hate cottage cheese, I didnt actaully tell him what was in it.. lol
Afternoon Nellylou,

Wow...great start to the day! 30 mins of aerobics...well done! :character00116: :whacky068: My ex husband gave me an exercise bike a few weeks ago and I try to go on it regularly. I think it's a really good idea to do what you did today and get the exercising done in the morning then you're less likely to ruin all that hard work by over eating later in the day!
Good news about the quiche. Love the bit about the bf...bit like kids really bless em...don't tell em what they're eating and they're none the wiser lol!!! :eating:
Have a great day xx
Sunday started off really good but then I went mad for chocolate last night, ate half a big bag of peanut m&ms and half a big bag of giant buttons plus had a large slab of lemon cheesecake round my nans while watching DOI...:eek::eek:
Not going to beat myself up about it too much as it was my birthday week and nearly totm and today has started well.
This week I am going to make sure I eat 3 different vegtables a day and 2 pieces of fruit. I am also going to drink my 8 pints of water a day and drink at least 2 cups of green tea and see if that makes a difference to my weight loss next week. Will keep you posted.

Green day
(B) X2 Alpen light bars (HEB)
Plumb and a pear - 2 cups of tea with milk
(L) half a carton of covent garden carrott and coriander soup = 6 syns
yoo light toffee yog (I think syn free??)
x2 green tea with lemon
1 lemon and ginger tea
(D) quorn shepards pie
Mashed pot, mushrooms, carrotts, quorn mince, colmans sachet (5 Syns - had half so 2.5 syns)
Peas and spinach on the side

Syns total 8.5

Will prob have some cereal with milk as HEB and HEA later on
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