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tenney 75

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After only coming up to the 2nd week of my low carb diet, i've realised we are supposed to be going out for a huge family meal on saturday. Its at a traditional pub so i'm hoping there will be a carvery where i can just have meat and veg. But what about gravy? Do i have to do without? Really hoping I can withhold my pudding cravings aswell, really wish there was a low carb pudding alternative.
I know red wine is carby so thinking maybe a vodka and diet coke would be a good option. If anyone has any tips for eating, they would be very helpful :sigh:
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Pubs are usually okay, if they're decent. If you're at a carvery meat and green veg is a good option - but avoid anything like carrots, parsnips and cauliflower cheese (it will be full of flour) as well as the roasties. Gravy depends on how much you're having - a little bit to flavour up your veg would be ok if you count 2 or 3 carbs for it, but remember that the thicker the gravy, the more flour will be in it. Really thick gravies can be high in carbs.

Most pubs will do some variety of steak, though, and let you skip the chips in favor of a salad. Gastro type pubs should do a range of salads with different meats or cheeses, and you'll often find scallops and prawn dishes. You can always have two starters if they suit you better.

As for pud - have something when you get home. Sugarfree jelly and cream, or cream with a tiny bit of cocoa powder and splenda mixed in, or a cheesecake of Philly, splenda and a squeeze of lemon - lots of other recipes around but it's best not to get too complicated. Or grab an Atkins endulge bar from boots (not ideal for phase 1 but ok if desperate on occasion).

I know it's tough not eating your usual, or the same as everyone else. But potato and pudding won't taste as good as you remember, and they'll slow your loss for a week so you'll in effect be restricting yourself longer if you have them. All the puddings and anything else you fancy will still be available when you're on maintenance and can have things like that now and then.

Good luck!

Edit: why not check if the pub has a website with a menu on? Lots do.


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Agree with RB - if they have the steak and salad option go for that then you dont have to worry about sneaky high carb veggies and gravy. Most people wont even realise your dieting!


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and a dry red isn't that bad provided you count in the carbs :)


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Jim am i right in thinking White wine has less carbs? What carb count do you assign wine as the bottles don't say lol xx

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