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Hi there, Im new to the site and wondering if anyone can help me. I recently did Lipotrim. I lost 10lb in my 1st wk then only 4lb the wk after ( I didnt attend my weigh in). I became really disheartend by this as the weight wasnt coming off as quickly dispite the amount of exercise I was doing. I eventually caved on day 10. I had two shakes and a low cal meal.Im slowly getting my appetite back and eating healthy. Im pleased to say I ve not put any of the weight on as of yet. Im now wondering what to do next, if I start Lipotrim after eating am I likely to have another big loss or should I start weight watchers? Very confused but desperate to lose weight pls help! Thanks xxxx
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LT is a pretty strict diet and can certainly be difficult. You kind of have to make up your mind that you're either going to do it properly or do you think you'll cheat again. I also caved around the 9th or 10th day and after those days I wasn't doing very well at all. So in the end opted to stop the TFR aspect of the diet and lose weight by doing the Maintenance part, for now this is what I can commit to.

So just ask yourself what you think you can commit to and just STICK TO IT, no ifs, ands or butts :D


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You lost a STONE in 2 weeks! That is amazing. I am not sure why you weren't happy?! With lipotrim weekly loses are different person to person. Because I had less to lose generally I was losing 2-3lbs a week but it is still better than I would have on other diets.
If you are doing to much exercise on lipotrim it can be a little risky because you will go into negative calories and is really not good for your body.
At the end of the day the decision is yours but you need to be realistic.
Good luck with whatever you do x


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What you did lose was brilliant, but the first week you always lose more and then its less, i also got disheartened on my 2nd weigh in but soon realised 3lb loss is a loss and it was better than any other diet that i have tried before and not stuck to. I myself find it easier on the shakes rather than being on a diet where i can eat because i then start to eat to much and go off track, its whatever works best for you. Good Luck x


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1 stone in 2 weeks is good! The average is something like 1 stone a month, which again, is good. The first week you loose more, then the losses tend to fall into a pattern for most. Dont be upset that it was 4lbs - cause even that is bloody good going :)

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Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Sorry you struggled with TFR. A stone a month is the average loss with the first month being a bit more than that. A few people, depending on their metabolism, lose a bit more than a stone. Men might lose a bit mire too but it is not always the case.
On my time on these forums, since sept 09, I have only seen a few people lose more than a stone a month.
Have a think and be sure you want to commit to TFR before restarting. It is a bit tough initially but does get a lot easier. The time away from food helps break bad habits.
Good luck whatever you decide.

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