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All was ging well unitl about 5 mins ago.........went into kitchen to make drink and managed to stuff in my mouht 2 x mini rolls and 2 x jaffa cakes:cry: I feel really sick now and totally gutted.

I am sooooooo useless and a complete failure at this for gods sake i can't even make it pat the 1st day!!

What should i do do i carry on with cd today and forget the binge or do i forget cd for today and start again tomorrow, i have an appointment with my cdc thursday, i really want to be bak into it by then or am i kidding myself and should i just forget it until i have seen her?

Please help andy advise will be gratefully received,

Thanks Guys XXX
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i'd say carry on, a little blip is better than a big blip and if u eat today you'll still feel as bad hunger wise as you are today....jump around the room for a bit to burn off some of them kcals lol


Gone fishing
Get back on now! Next time think. The food didn't jump into your mouth. You thought about it and you made the decision to eat it.

Next time, stop and think. Come on Busy. You can do this.
You definately need to think "why did I eat it?"

Was it boredom, habit, comfort, anger, happyness and then try and come to terms with it and see what you can do to stop it as picking will make the diet incredibly hard.

Anyway stick to it for the rest of the day and before you eat anything make sure you drink a large glass of water and then evaluate whether you really want it?

Thanx Guys!!!! You lot are quick lol, and yes you are right i made the decision to eat it and i can make the decision not to and that is exactely what i am going to do!!!! So i am forgetting theblip and i am carrying on. Just off now to get my 3rd litre of water and a huuuuge black coffee with lots of sweetners lol.

Thanks again don't know where i would be without you lot!!!! Well i do inside the fridge, the cupboard etc etc THANKS THANKS THANKS for keeping me and the straight and narrow!!

See told you i was going to need all the help i could get,lol

lots of love Busy XX
i messed up on my first day too. I managed to eat an apple before i remembered i shouldnt be eating anything. Keep on with the diet and dont worry about it too much. Whatever happens, dont let this turn into a binge.
Is there anyway you could not have chocolate and biscuits etc in the house until you get properly back into the swing of the diet. Its hard enough doing this diet without the temptation under your nose.

I have two kids and they dont have to go without their treats, but not having them in the kitchen cupboards has made life easier. We take a little walk to the corner shop each day for them to buy a little treat and we are all getting a bit of exercise into the bargain as well. Same with hubby. If he wants a bit of chocolate or whatever in the evening he has to walk to the shop to get it. It means he'll only go and fetch it if he really really want it.

This has really helped me no end and its something I intend to continue with when I am at goal weight.

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